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What Is Activate Series X?

The Manitoba Esports Association is a non-profit organisation that helps bring esports to your community through education and support for initiatives. They have teams spread across the country, with one based in each province of Canada – they’re always looking forward to working together! 

They started by running school programs of tournaments so kids can show off what talents they’ve got; then moved on from there depending upon the needs / wants of the programs –whether it be creating an afterschool club where participants do exercises like playing games while learning other skills too (like communication!)

The Canadian Esports Championships is a series of weekend tournaments that leads up to a LIVE final. It’s been successful in Manitoba, and now fans across Canada can participate! All skill levels are welcome–even if you’re just starting out or have decades worth experience under your belt (literally). The competition currently features Valorant as its main title; but they’ll be adding more soon so stay tuned!

Main Events & Tournament Information

Radianite Stage 


Gaming Lounges 

– Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament 

– King of the Hill: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fortnite

– Retro Gaming: SNES, SEGA, N64 Emulators

 Other: Rocket League, FIFA, NHL, NBA & more!

– Virtual Reality: Beat Saber & more!

Ticket Prices

Early Bird Day Pass: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday or Sunday CA$22.23 (incl. CA$2.23 Fee)

Sales end on May 30, 2022

Kids 12 and Under: Free

[Early Bird] Day Pass: Friday

CA$11.62 (incl. CA$1.62 Fee) 

Sales end on May 30, 2022

[Early Bird] Summoners Pass + 5 Raffle Tickets

CA$59.37 (incl. CA$4.37 Fee)

Sales end on Jun 25, 2022

The Summoner is about to score themselves a sweet weekend at the activate series X! They’ll be getting 3 days worth of passes, plus all sorts of swag from pins and stickers up through lanyard or raffle tickets.

Hours of Operation

Friday: 5 PM – 9 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM

Sunday: 10 AM — 7 PM

Overview & Programme Summary

  • Radianite Stage
  • Gaming Lounges