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What is AtomLan?

The AtomLAN event series is a long-running, weekend style gaming event held at Padworth Village Hall near Reading. They typically occur four or more times per year and last three days with festivities starting on Friday evening until Sunday afternoon!

They plan to give people the flexibility they need when it comes time for their next LAN party. Whether you’re looking forward to playing games all day or just want a good spanning session once in a while, they’ve got your back!

What is a LAN party?

A LAN party is a gathering of people with computers or game consoles, which are connected together in a local area network. LAN parties typically involve multiplayer computer games played over the LAN, but they can also include other activities such as LAN gaming, LAN movie watching, and LAN file sharing. LAN parties often involve large numbers of people and can be organised by businesses, families, or groups of friends. They are often held at large venues such as convention centres or hotels. LAN parties can be a great way to meet new people and socialise, as well as providing an opportunity to play games and participate in other activities that might not be possible otherwise.

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In order to ensure the gamers get an optimum gaming experience, They’ve implemented gigabit LAN for all our customers. All your downloaded games are also cached on local servers so you don’t have any slowdowns or hesitant gameplay during heavy traffic times! And finally, Quality of Service (QoS) manages bandwidth usage fairly across everyone.


The experience at Padworth Village Hall has been nothing but exceptional. They’ve used that venue for over ten years and are directly responsible for its development into an ideal location for smaller LAN events such as AtomLan! Not only does it offer fully equipped kitchens, hot showers (including 10 person facilities), various areas where you can sleep indoors or outdoors–but there’s also free wifi throughout the entire building.


They are the go-to place for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re a veteran LAN gamer or newbie, they welcome your presence! They also provide spaces to play games like tabletop and room scale VR gaming so feel free drop by anytime.


They are an ideal hub for those who need to travel far and wide. They have multiple large supermarkets, hotels within walking distance (or less than 10 minutes), restaurants serving everything from pub food right up at the top notch gourmet level–even French cuisine if that’s what you prefer!