Berlin International Gaming (BIG)


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Who Are BIG?

BIG was founded in January 2017 with one goal: to become the leaders of German esports. They want their athletes and partners not just be recognized worldwide, but inspire other people through their professionalism both inside & outside games alike- which is why they provide an environment where everyone can thrive! Their love for gaming has led them there – so that you too may experience this joy firsthand while experiencing what it truly means “to play”

Their team strives on achieving success at all costs because when anything else matters more than winning then nothing will stop them from chasing those dreams.

BIG Esports Teams


As one of the top teams in Germany, BIG’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster has been invited to compete against some of today’s most elite esports competitors. They united top players from around Europe and saw them rise through rankings on their way towards multiple international victories – including becoming 2016 CSGO World Champion!

League of Legends

Since League of Legends inception in 2003, BIG has always been a part of this ever-growing game. They’ve had some successes but also many failures until they finally found success with their current roster that represented them at all international competitions including winning two European Championships last year and taking home another 2019 Masters title! 

Now they are looking forward towards more accomplishments under their belt while continuing representing excellence by playing against other top teams across both regions– Europe vs Latin America (EU LCS).


They announced that after a long and difficult season, they have finally qualified for the Valorant Champions Tour 2022! This means so much not only because it reflects well on their hard work but also shines light onto how far German esports has come in such a short time. Following recent success with CS:GO teams who made waves both at home and abroad.


In 2010, Dennis “Massa” Lotze started playing TrackMania casually. Eight years later he is considered one of the fastest drivers on this planet and has not missed a single grand final in any offline tournaments since then!


K1llsen is one year into his tenure with BIG and has already won the Quake World Championship. The 33-year old German player who competes against some of esports’ best players, can be seen as both inspiration for other gamers but also a role model to them because he’s been so successful while still being approachable enough that fans want him personally sponsorship opportunities outside video games such as bathroom products or clothing lines.

Starcraft II

In their quest to unite the best Germany has to offer, bringing aboard Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber in their expansion was a no brainer. As one of household names and most successful German players he’s already built himself quite an impressive reputation for himself within StarCraft- not only with his successes such as winning 2016 WCS Spring Circuit Championship but also dating back even further than that!

Tekken 7

The fighting game community is excited to have Arja “Sephiblack” Gamoori join the ranks as their newest member! As one of Europe’s top contenders, he has earned himself a reputation for being an expert on Miguel and his wholehearted approach towards both competition or streaming.

PUBG Mobile

The BIG Mobile esports team is made up of some young and talented players who are eager to conquer the growing scene for PUBG on mobile devices.

BIG Conclusion

Berlin International Gaming will continue to be the powerhouse of German esports, bringing the best players into the light and nurturing upcoming talent from across Germany. With how successful BIG has become in a relatively short time, it will be incredible to see how far they can go in the coming years. BIG is one to keep your eye on for sure.