Call of Duty League major IV

Call of Duty League

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What is Call of Duty League Major?

The Kings Theatre is the perfect place to witness 12 League teams battle over four days for their spot in this year’s Major IV Tournament. Get your tickets now before they’re all gone!

The Call of Duty League is coming back for another year in 2022, and they’re building off the success from last season. The major tournaments will be returning with several new events to spice things up even more! All 12 teams within CoD esports should look forward too because there’s a chance at being crowned champions once again- ultimate glory awaits those who dare take on this challenge.

The Call of Duty®: Vanguard season is coming to PC this year with an incredible level for customization. Stay tuned for more information about dates and where you can buy tickets!

Season Format

The stakes are even higher in 2022. All 12 teams of the Call Of Duty League will compete across four double-elimination Majors with a hybrid LAN/online format this season, which means there’s always something exciting happening at any given time!

The top eight teams in this year’s tournament will be determined by head-to-head group play matches over three qualifying weeks. These are even more crucial now because at the end only those who make it through city finals and then win four out five games for their respective majors can advance!

The Call of Duty League is back and better than ever! With the new season coming up, teams will be fighting for their spot in next year’s rankings. It doesn’t stop there though; winning major competitions like Majors can also give you some cool rewards such as CDL Points that are crucial when it comes down to figuring out who makes qualify among 8 different spots available each time . Get ready because we’re about play some games – literally!!


General Admission  $90.00 ea + Fees

VIP 4-Day Pass       $300.00 ea + Fees