Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con


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What is the Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con?

Anime League was founded in 2015 and runs professional events across the UK for those who enjoy both anime culture as well as video games, cosplay or just meeting Geeks at conventions!

Their idea is to create a community of like-minded individuals who all want the same thing. They do this through online forums, social media and real life meetups – so you’ll always have someone to go on your next adventure with!

It’s an exciting eventful week!

A variety of events will be happening, including performances and panels.

Main Events & Tournament Information

Anime & Manga Highlights

Anime Viewing Room

The best place to watch your favourite anime. You’ll also have access to some internet screenings that are sure not to disappoint!

Manga Artists

They have a special area in their Artists Alley for manga artists. You’ll find their work, learn some new tricks and techniques from them – all while sitting down!

Anime/Geek Exhibitors 

Expect an endless stream of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more at the event!

Live J-Pop/Anime themed Performers 

The event will be a celebration of Japanese pop culture with live performances from J-pop and anime inspired singers. There’s some other cool stuff too.


Cosplay is not just a competition; it’s an experience. With top prizes and events for all ages, there are plenty of ways to get involved in this two-day festival that will make your wallet happy! 

The Two Cosplay Contests aka The Cosplay Masquerades 

Cosplay is not just about dressing up as your favourite character from anime or manga. It’s also a way for fans to express themselves through creativity and art, which makes the Cosplay Masquerade events more than just another competition; they’re an experience where anyone can take part by simply entering their own costume! With prizes worth up to hundreds between them (including £100 cash for Sunday Winner), there’ll be plenty of motivation.

The top 3 winners from Saturday and Sunday’s Cosplay Masquerade will have the opportunity to qualify for one of this year’s most prestigious events, London Anime & Gaming Con! Over 30 talented cosplayers are competing in these finals across England. 

Cosplay Guests, Talks & Workshops

Some of the best cosplayers will be making appearances at this year’s event! They’ll provide talks, workshops throughout the day on everything about their craft from beginner guides for first-timers all through advanced topics such as how-tos with props and Worbla armour creation techniques in steampunk style wear…and much more!!

A Fun Time for Cosplayers 

They have events that range from the serious and professional to silly, so there’s something in store no matter what type of cosplayer you are!

The Cosplay Auction is where your contribution can put yourself up for bid or choose one lucky person who deserves it more than anyone else.

Cosplay Chillout & Photography Area 

There will be areas set aside for cosplayers where they can chill out with their friends or take photos without interruption from other attendees!

TableTop Gaming

There is a great range of RPGs and Board Games

RPG Scheduled Adventures

Approximately two-hours of scheduled adventures

Pick Up & Play RPGs

Microscope, Dogs in the Vineyard, Parsely, Narrative Cage Match, Doctor Magnethands, PreHysteria, Not The Bees and many more to go.

Board Games

Bang!, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Channel A, Concept, Coup, Dixit, Dungeon Roll, Flame War, Fluxx, Forbidden Island, Hanabi, Love Letter, Munchkin, Pandemic, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Shadow Hunters, Snake Oil, Takenoko, The Resistance and lots more.


Fight for your prize! Tournaments usually involve Yu Gi Oh and Magic the Gathering.

Video Gaming

They’ll have hundreds of games, including tournaments. You can play on PC or modern or not-so-modern console machines in their Retro lounge.


Get ready for an amazing time at the next Anime & Gaming Con when you enter some tournaments. You’ll be able to win tickets and prizes like Smash Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 or beatsaber! With nearly a dozen different events happening with varying levels of difficulty (from beginner all the way up), there will surely be something that interests your taste in gaming.


Whether you’re a casual gamer or an anime/gaming expert, challenges allow for anyone to pick up and play at any time. The objective of these events varies from event-to -event but in previous years have included games such as Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy; SonicMania ; Mario Kart DDR Red Faction Guerilla etc

Retro & Modern Gaming Casual Play

They’ve got a wide range of video games for you to enjoy. Whether it’s an old favourite or one-of-a-kind find, they have what you’re looking for!

They offer consoles such as NES(Famicom), SNES MegaDrive/Genesis , Master System /SMS + many more modern systems.

PC Gaming & Indie Gaming

They’ll have some top-of-the line PCs available, along with your favourite old school and new indie games.There’s always something going down when it comes time for legit pixel perfection 😉

Main Stage Events

Events on stage will include;


Are you into acting, RPGs or gaming talk? There will be some interesting comic book related discussions going on at this event so don’t miss them.

Cosplay Masquerades

One masquerade a day that you can enjoy. You can also get 100 pounds if you become Sunday’s winner.

Dub That Anime 

Dub a 30 second clip of their choice live on stage. The funnier, the better! You can do this as an individual or with friends

The Talent Show 

They are looking for the next Rat Packs and Stars. Do you have a hidden talent? Go show off your skills at our upcoming show, where 10 lucky performers will each receive a £50 cash prize as well as having chances to develop their act with them!

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync performances of your favourite tunes!

Cosplay Auction 

It involves volunteers and the highest bidder wins the company of that Cosplayer. All the money goes to charity!

Big Geek Quiz

Get a £50 cash prize by showing off your knowledge!

Big Geek Raffle

£100s of pounds worth of prizes are waiting for you.

Big Geek Adventure

Are you into roleplaying? Here’s an adventure on stage played by the audience!

Anime Bingo

There is a £30 cash prize for the winner!

Cosplay Blind Date

You’ll get a chance to ask three people some questions, but be careful – there are rules about what you can’t say!

Panels & Workshops

This is a list of the Panels that might feature this year’s event. 

  • Beginners Guides to Tabletop, Cosplay, Anime Etc
  • How to Survive a Convention & Icebreakers
  • Fandom Q&As such as Gravity Falls, Doctor Who etc
  • Turning Geeking Hobby into Business
  • Mental Health in Cosplay
  • Making Dreds Workshop
  • Plushie Making Workshop
  • Lightsabre Demo
  • Chiptune Tutorials
  • How to Detangle a Long Wig
  • Top 10 Mecha Anime
  • Anime Idol Guide
  • Manga & Art Portfolio Workshop
  • How to Spin Your Own Wool
  • Youtube Video Making Workshop
  • Guide to Making Manga
  • Top 10 Animes to Watch
  • Live Music Highlights

Anime & Gaming Con features a strong music and entertainment focus, showing off popular J-pop performers, upcoming bands (subject to availability) and performers throughout the event. Expect major announcements closer to the time!

  • Parties

They ARE the party convention! Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until midnight on Saturday and Sunday (Same venue). The parties shall feature Free Glow Sticks and fun and geeky shenanigans. Parties include karaoke earlier on followed by everything from geeky to cheesy to all your best tunes.

Previous Anime & Gaming Cons have seen the Following Parties and Late Time Activities. We’ll confirm this year’s lineup closer to the event – 

Rock Night

Glowstick Rave

Pop-Asia Party

Video Gaming Party

Final Countdown


  • Chloe Eves -VOICE ACTOR
  • Minh Ton – VOICE ACTOR
  • Nathan James Pegler – ACTOR
  • Cheryl Rowlands – ACTOR
  • Mikachu – PERFORMER

Events sign up

They have three types of events – those that you can sign up for beforehand via an application form, those which register on-the day and lastly there are events without no need to sign up for.

Pre Signup recommended

  • Cosplay Masquerade Signup Form
  • Talent Show Signup Form

Same day Signup

  • All Video Gaming Tournaments  – Registration at Desk in VG Room
  • All TCG Tournaments –  Registration at Desk in TCG Room

No Signup needed

  • Workshops (unless stated)
  • Dub That Anime 
  • On Demand RPGs
  • Clan Battle Showdown 
  • Big Geek Raffle
  • Guest Signing/Photography Sessions
  • ALL other stage events (unless stated)


Prices online are less than on the door.

  • Both Days – £25
  • All Saturday – £15
  • All Sunday-  £12
  • Membership Upgrade
  • Priority tickets – £6  

They offer a number of benefits for those who need quick entry to an event, with two exclusive membership badges and five raffle tickets up for grabs. 

  • VIP – £10

The first 150 people to sign up for our new VIP membership will be able to enter the event at 10AM instead of 12pm. Also, they’ll get two exclusive printed clan badges with their personalised nickname on them, gain access to ten Big Geek Raffle tickets as well a limited edition bag. In addition, they will be able to choose one poster from an extensive collection. 

  • Opening Times
    • VIP access – 10AM 
    • Standard tickets – 12PM 
    • 1pm on the door

Programme summary / Overview

  • Anime & Manga Highlights
  • Cosplay
  • TableTop Gaming
  • Video Gaming
  • Main Stage Events
    • Talks
    • Cosplay Masquerades
    • Dub That Anime
    • The Talent Show 
    • Lip Sync Battle 
    • Cosplay Auction
    • Big Geek Quiz
    • Big Geek Raffle
    • Big Geek Adventure 
    • Anime Bingo 
    • Cosplay Blind Date 
  • Panels & Workshops
  • Live Music Highlights
  • Parties



  • If you’re looking to get there from Cardiff central station, the National Rail website is an excellent resource. The site has all of your tickets right there in one place and if you get them 12 weeks before you will save money.
  • Coach/Bus Travel – Check walking directions from the coach stop (Sophia Gardens). This is served by National Express. These offer regular national and local services, so you can find a cheap ticket to your destination 12 weeks prior!
  • Car Parking is not available at the venue, but there are plenty of street spots and other nearby car parks to choose from. 

T-Shirts & Merchandise

Registering for this event is the best way to make sure you get some exclusive t shirts available only at £12 per shirt.

Shirts – £12

Con badges – £1

Tote Bags – £8 (£15 for two)

Posters – £2 (£5 for five)

Pin Badges – £1 (£3 for five)

Keyring Bottle Openers – £2

Raffle Tickets – £1 (£3 for five)

Mugs – £8

Age Restrictions

You must be 18 or older to enter the bar. Anyone under 16 years of age must have an adult with them at all times. Additionally, any guests attending our event past 8pm will need to be 18+.