Fan Expo Vancouver


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What Is Fan Expo Vancouver?

FAN EXPO Vancouver is not just an event, it’s a way of life. Every year thousands from all over Canada make their way to BC for this fantastic three-day celebration that offers something for everyone! There are some really exciting events happening including celebrity appearances and panels with top stars in Hollywood or anime culture – so don’t miss your chance!

Guests and other additions include: Brendan Fraser, Tom Welling, Christina Ricci, Bruce Campbell, Giancarlo Esposito, LeVar Burton, Corey Feldman, Chandler Riggs, and stars from hit TV shows & Film: The Walking Dead, Star Trek, The Mandalorian, The Office, Riverdale, Smallville, The Flash, Arrow, and many, many more. 

It is the ultimate destination for all things pop culture. From autographs and photos with your favourite guests, to celebrity panels that spill dirt on whatever show or movie they’re most excited about – this event has it covered!

Watch professional artists battle it out in our popular Sketch Duels, learn from the “How To” workshops and take photos with your favourite costumed characters! It’s also a great place to buy a unique gift or treat yourself at a huge show floor of shopping madness.

Main Events

  • The Sweetest Rides in town – The iconic Jurassic Park Jeep and Ghostbuster’s Ecto 1 are coming to the show floor for a visit! Find them before they’re gone.
  • Murderous Vancouver with Eve Lazarus – Eve Lazarus takes you through some of the most sensational murders in Vancouver’s history. Soaked in blood, these crimes have left a mark on our city that will never be forgotten—and they’re all here for your curiosity!
  • Phenomenal supernatural – The Vancouver Paranormal Society has been on a relentless hunt for ghosts and otherworldly beings since their creation. They are dedicated to educating people about the reality of hauntings, bringing new members into this exclusive club with photos from their investigations as well as videos documenting their findings! 
  • The real ghosts – Ghostly Vancouver Tours are the perfect way to learn about all things ghost-related. Hear tales from local investigators and professionals who have seen more than their fair share of spooky activity!
  • The ultimate shopping experience – Find whatever it is you are into. From rare comics, original artwork and graphic novels all the way up through memorabilia. You can also have it personalised!
  • Family fun – Visit the FAN EXPO Vancouver with your whole family. You can meet your favorite superheroes, princesses and more! There are coupons available for discounts in our many attractions that will be sure to keep everyone happy all day long – including a costume contest where you could win big prizes if dressed up as their favourite character or storybook figure. Cash included.
  • Artist alley – Indulge your creative side while exploring the many different sides of art in this special area where you will find all your favourite pencillers, inkers and writers. This is a “must experience” for anyone interested in meeting rising stars or working at front lines within industry- one that has it both ways: comics & graphic novels; limited edition prints (like sketch cards) ; original pieces by legends like Jim Lee!
  • Meet your favourite voice actors – Voice actors who provide the voices for your favourite animated characters will be on hand to sign autographs and pose for photos. They’ve developed a well-deserved reputation as being super friendly, enthusiastic people!
  • Meet legendary comic book creators – Comic book artists and writers are coming to the convention, so be sure to drop by their area of Artist alley where you can meet them!
  • Costumes! Costumes! Costumes! – Cosplay is very popular at events like this one! Thousands of people go dressed up as their favourite character and it’s an awesome way to meet other attendees. You might be surprised by how many celebrities also wear these outfits when they attend public appearances!
  • Fan favourite cosplayers – Cosplay has become an integral part of our events, and we always make it a priority to meet with the talented cosplayers who come guest-conducting workshops or attending their own seminars. You can get pictures taken in character as well attend one their many exciting panels about how they create these amazing works!
  • Community zone – You don’t have to be a Whovian or Jedi, an expert in cosplay and crafting. The Community Zone provides you with the opportunity of meeting other people who share your same enthusiasm for Doctor Whoovesiee! Get up close with movie props from various films such as Star Wars: Episode I -The Phantom Menace and many more.
  • Panels, workshops & seminars – Join them for a day of fun with your favorite celebrities at this year’s celebrity-packed event! You’ll have access to hundreds of hours’ worth programming featuring question and answer sessions, fan club presentations (and even workshops!), screening rooms – the list goes on. 

Anime attractions

  • JPop and KPop – With an amazing selection of Japanese and Korean pop music, there’s no better way to get your energy levels going than with some top-notch Jpop or Kpunk! Check out their schedule for details on when these performers will be taking the stage at FAN EXPO Vancouver. You won’t want to miss UBC K Wave playing their hearts out while they compete in cosplay competitions as well– you should totally go check them all out!!
  • Anime trivia games – Go out to test your knowledge of Japanese animated films and series while earning free stuff! Who knows? That obscure fact you’ve had stored up for years could give you the win. Join them at their events where we will be giving away prizes.

Comic Attractions

  • Meet legendary comic book creators. The FAN EXPO Vancouver is proud to welcome some of the most popular and well-known comic creators in this year’s event! Check out their full list, including Ken Lashley Brian Stelfreeze Yanick Paquette Chad Hardin Ramon Perez.
  • Sketch duels and more! – Get up close and personal with your favourite comic artists as they go “pen to pen”. Watch them create a page of art from scratch, then enter that winning piece into the competition for an amazing experience!
  • Creator spotlights – Join them for a deep dive into the lives and careers of your favourite comic professionals! Hear stories about their projects, how they got started in this business plus what drives them every day. 
  • Industry insights – Join them for an evening of creativity as you explore the minds behind your favourite comics! Hear their stories, see what inspires them and how they go about creating such amazing work. You’ll even get a chance to ask questions during the Creator Spotlight sessions.
  • Artist alley – Indulge your creative side while exploring the many different sides of art in this special area where you will find all your favourite pencillers, inkers and writers. This is a “must experience” for anyone interested in meeting rising stars or working at front lines within industry- one that has it both ways: comics & graphic novels; limited edition prints (like sketch cards) ; original pieces by legends like Jim Lee!
  • Comic Book Signing – Dig through your collection or go on a quest to find the elusive back issues and graphic novels by our many creator guests.

Cosplay attractions

  • Cosplay Craftsmanship Cup! – Cosplay lovers, prepare to show off your craftsmanship skills and compete for cosplay glory in the FAN EXPO 2022 Vancouver Cosplay Craftsmanship Cup!
  • The cosplay red carpet – Cosplay is all about showing off your creativity, and this free photo opportunity gives you a chance to do just that. There are no qualifications or registration needed for the Cosplay Red Carpet; it’s open to everyone!
  • Cosplay panels and how-to’s – Cosplay is all about making your own battles and joining in on others. You can learn how to take cosplaying game up a notch at our panel, check out the latest demos with professionals who know what they’re doing or even meet them one-on-one!
  • Cosplay meet-ups – Cosplay is a great way to meet other like-minded fans and get pictures together at themed conventions. Check the schedule before you go so that it’s not too late!
  • Kids costume contest – The FAN EXPO Vancouver is hosting a kid’s cosplay contest. The winner gets to walk the red carpet and meet some really awesome people!
  • Cosplay photo park – You’ll look so good in your best costume that you could win any photo contest! Get ready to strike a pose with friends or as solo subjects, and we will take care of the rest.

Gaming attractions

  • Free to play gaming area – Come to the TGS gaming area for guests of all skill levels. There will be casual tournaments, arcade games, Nintendo and PlayStation stations with plenty more! The space is open to anyone who wants it too – so take your friends or go alone if you need some time away from crowds.
  • Drop in table gaming – What are you waiting for? Get your game on! The Meeple Leaf has tons of great games to choose from, no matter what kind fanatics like yourself may be. With over 100+ options at their fingertips they will not miss out this time around.
  • Learn to play sessions – Come play some of the newest and most popular games at the Learn to Play sessions! Join an experienced player for a guided tour through these fun activities. Find out about all they have going on by checking up-to date information online.
  • Play to win! – Go and play a game at the weekly prize-filled events! They’ll have tons of different games for you to try out, so make sure not miss this opportunity.

Sci-fi Attractions

  • Celebrity Q&A’s – Whether you’re a fan of the big screen or small, FAN EXPO Vancouver is happy to have talented actors from across all genres! Check out our full guest list for this year’s event.
  • Celebrity photo ops – Buy a picture that lasts forever with your favorite celebrity from an experienced photographer. You can find it on their website!
  • What are photo ops? – There’s no better place to get your fav celebrity photos taken than at this event with professional photographers! You can bring up three friends and share the cost of one 8×10 printed photo. Plus, you’ll have access too all remaining tickets for sale on site so hurry before they sell out!

Special Events

Fun and exciting things are happening at your favourite place! You’ll be the first to know about upcoming events, announcements or exclusive offers.

Superfan Rewards

Become a SUPERFAN and receive the ultimate VIP treatment at FAN EXPO Vancouver. You’ll get personalised links that you can share with your friends, family members or coworkers to earn points when they purchase tickets using these special codes! With so many amazing experiences on offer it would be hard not having an incredible time in this city.

Ticket Prices

Single day – $37

  • Admission to one day of FAN EXPO Vancouver™
  • Show Floor Access
  • Panel Room/Theater Access*

3-Day Pass –  $89

  • Admission to all 3 days of FAN EXPO Vancouver™
  • Show Floor Access
  • Panel Room/Theater Access*

Premium Package – $119

  • Admission to all 3 days of FAN EXPO Vancouver™
  • Show Floor Access
  • Panel Room/Theater Access*
  • Limited Edition FAN EXPO Vancouver™ Premium Badge

Premium Package benefits:

  • Exclusive Ticket Pick Up Counter
  • One free single day General Admission (excluding Saturdays) to all future Fan Expos
  • HQ events until, but not including, FAN EXPO Vancouver™ 2023 
  • 10% off coupon at the FAN EXPO Vancouver™ Store
  • Limited Edition FAN EXPO Vancouver™ Bag
  • Limited Edition Batman: The Knight #1 Comic from DC Comics
  • Limited Edition Jack Skellington Collectible, Art by Francisco Herrera 
  • Limited Edition FAN EXPO Vancouver™ Lanyard
  • Limited Edition FAN EXPO Vancouver™ T-shirt
  • Exclusive Lithograph

Discounts and coupons

  • MILITARY DISCOUNTS – They offer a $5 discount on general admission tickets at the Box Office when you show proof of ID.
  • GROUP DISCOUNTS – Group rates are available for groups 15+ people.
  • KIDS FREE COUPON – You can get it on their website


Q How to get to FAN EXPO Vancouver by bus?

If you’re planning on traveling to or from Vancouver, there are plenty of buses that will get your travels started. You can also take advantage of local service throughout BC with schedules everywhere from Whistler and Seattle's SeaTac Airport all the way down south through Bellingham airport!

Q How to get to FAN EXPO Vancouver by train?

With the opening of Canada Line, travel between Vancouver and its airport has been significantly reduced to 26 minutes per one-way trip.
TransLink provides city transit for tourists and residents seven days a week via buses through its rapid transit system Skytrain with an additional route now available after recent upgrades were made in order reduce waiting times at stations close by areas where passengers may want get off during their journey but still have access to all parts prior proceeding onwards without stopovers

Q How to get to FAN EXPO Vancouver by boat?

The SeaBus is a unique form of public transportation that connecting downtown Vancouver with its North Shore counterpart. It's also possible to take the ferry in order go explore Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, which are just over province lines away from each other but worlds apart!

Q How to get to FAN EXPO Vancouver by air?

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is a top-ranked airport that provides easy access to international destinations. With direct flights from many major airports around Canada and beyond, there's no need for you fly into downtown Vancouver before taking off on your journey!

Q Where is parking for FAN EXPO Vancouver?

The Vancouver Convention Centre is a vibrant and stunning building that's home to many events. You can enter at the foot of Howe Street, obtain your ticket from one of those dispensers on there as you proceed towards P1 or 2 - depending which entrance best suits what event!

Q What accessibility does FAN EXPO Vancouver offer?

The FAN EXPO Vancouver is for All! Their shows provide an equal and accessible fan experience to all of their customers, including persons requiring accessibility services. They are committed to giving people who require any type or degree in need of assistance getting the best possible experience.