Forest City Comicon

A celebration of nerd and geek culture like no other

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What is Forest City Comicon?

The Forest City Comicon is a unique event in the middle of summer that features everything from art and music to video games. The venue has an eclectic mix, with some excellent cosplay outfits on display as well!

Main Events & Tournament Information

Video Game Tournaments

  • Super Smash Ultimate Tournament

Test your skills against the best of them in a 3-day battle for glory and pride. Registration runs from 10am to 12pm, with tournaments beginning at noon each day.


Contest Categories & Guidelines

The Forest City Comicon under the guidance of their anime, culture and Cosplay Club makes use of ICG guidelines to ensure a fun-filled event for all attendees.

Young Contestant (Open) 12 & Under

This is a stage for all competitors of 12 and under. No one will be judged here, and everyone who participates has won in my eyes because they had the courage to come out on this big old platform!

Open General

This category won’t be judged. The competitors in this category have the courage to be on stage and show what they are made of.


This is a great category for those who want to show off their outfits and enter in the Cosplay Contest. It’s also judged, so be sure not miss out on this opportunity!


This is a great category for people who haven’t been in competition before. It’s also good if you’re just starting out as an amateur and would like some experience with other judged divisions, but not too high up on your competitive ladder yet! You can enter this even though it isn’t one of the required contest types – winners from Journeyman all the way down will qualify under its own rules (as long as they were awarded at least 3 prizes).


For people who enjoy the challenge and precision involved in crafting a work of art, this is one category where you can take your game up another notch. No amateur costumers: winners from Artisan Division* or above may not enter.* A judge will decide whether someone’s craftsmanship meets standards enough for them to move on!


For people who are confident with their skills and have previously entered other cosplay contests. This is a judged category, so professionals should not enter unless they win Master Division*, Best in Show* at that level or three Artisan level competitions.*

This means you need to be skilled enough for this contest but also luck must fall on your side because there’s always someone better than me!


Cosplay competitions are a great way for cosplayers of all levels to show off their skills. You will be competing against the best in this field and anything less than perfection is not worthy enough!

VR: Red Meat Games

Forest City ComiCon is the perfect place to try out some new VR games! You might be wondering if this technology has been around for a while now but you would not know it by looking at all of those who are trying their luck with an HMD. In 2016, Oculus put forth its first development kit that enabled users to play interactive content on top-of -the-line video game systems such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One without actually being there.

Tiny Titan Studios

Tiny Titan Studios is an independent game developer and publisher based in London, Ontario. They’ve been creating games since 2014 with their latest title being Arena Stars – the 90 second MOBA!

Joy Drop

Joydrop Ltd. is an independent game development studio based in London, Ontario that creates high quality mobile entertainment and innovative mixed reality applications for iOS devices such as the iPhone® or iPad Air™ using their proprietary match-3 mechanic to create new twists on classic genres like puzzle games with a casual twist!

Starship Bridge Simulator (Evening Programming)

The 4th Light Division is a group of gamers looking to have fun while playing Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator. Members are open-minded and inclusive, eager for new friends as they learn skills in this awesome game! Meet up at 6:30 pm upstairs panel room on the official site


With VRCADIA, you can experience the best in VR from shooting zombies to travelling around! And with an included visit at Forest City ComiCon 2018 it’s never been easier than now.

Table Top Games


This year’s tabletop gaming convention is not just about video games, it has an entire room of role-playing enthusiasts that are more than happy to help you get started with your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Bearded Meeple – Board Game Demos

Catch The Bearded Meeple’s reviews on youtube!  Game reviewer,The bearded meeper will be running demos of various games throughout the day.

Keyforge Tournament

With a goal to make this year’s Key forge tournament the most competitive ever, on June 1st at Forest City ComiCon! Full details to be released.

Borrow a Board Game Library

Forest City ComiCon is the perfect place to try out new games! You can find a library of loaner boardgames up on the second floor in the table-top gaming area.

Guests & attractions

Eddie Smet Award

The first annual Forest City Comicon is proudly named in honour of Eddy and Zorka Smet for establishing London’s first permanent comic book store, Comic Book Collector. It celebrates the beginning of rise of nerd culture across our great city with a day dedicated to those individuals or groups that have contributed significantly towards shaping what we know today as “nerd culture.”

Ticket Prices


The best way to experience this fun-filled event is with your family! Get tickets now and enter the premises free of charge. You can also buy an All Family Pass which allows multiple children under 13 years old entry along side one adult guardian/guardians responsible for their supervision throughout the day (21+).

Early Bird Admission – $15

Save $5 off the regular price with early bird savings!

Entry starting 15 minutes early (10am) on convention day.

Includes one general admission early bird entry.

Kids 12 & under still enter free.

Includes access to all on-stage presentations.

Family Value Pass (Online Only Special) – $40


Includes two adults AND two youth age 13-17.

Kids 12 & under still enter free.

Perfect for families with teenagers to avoid paying full price!

Includes access to all on-stage presentations.

General Admission – $20

Enter starting at 10:15 am.

Includes one general admission.

Kids 12 & under still enter free.

Includes access to all on-stage presentations.

No advanced entry at 10 am.

Programme summary / Overview

  • Cosplay
  • Video Games
  • Table Top Games