Canada's Premiere Lan Event

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What Is Fragapalooza?

The Fragapalooza festival is an annual event that takes place in or near Edmonton, Alberta where people from all over come together to play video games.

If you love video games, then this is the event for you! Each year people from all over come together to play their favorite computer or console titles. You can also bring your own system and connect it with other gamers in the high-speed Local Area Network at Fragapalooza’s four day summer party. It starts Thursday morning until Sunday afternoon.

This year it will be a transitional Fragapalooza. They’ll be using the 2022 event as a testing ground for what’s to come – both online and in-person events. That means you can register now, whether all the way through this hybridized experience (or just some parts). 

Fragapalooza is going to be held over 4 Days of Non-Stop Gaming during the posted dates on the Home page. From the opening of registration at 9:00am on Thursday, the event will run non-stop until Sunday 4:00pm. This means that as a participant you can enter into the festivities at any time and participate for as long as you wish between these two times. Opening and Closing times are subject to change.

Main Events & Tournament Information


There are no designated games for this event, so you’re free to play whatever interests or talents make up your gaming cup of tea. Maybe it’s multiplayer Tetris? Or maybe something more high-intensive like quake series – all that matters is finding another person who wants some company during their session!. 

They recommend that you arrive with all of your games installed and in stable condition for the event. There will be an irc server where players can find others who want to play any game, but they don’t provide software so make sure it’s working before coming!

Every year, one of the great experiences at Fragapalooza is refreshing your games Local Area Network browser and seeing a sea of active servers. All pings under 5ms so you can continue that tradition with their LAN environment! Anyone who has their own game server and wants to take it for use in this event – they urge them to come out & join!

Fragapalooza will have a designated private area set up at the venue for those who wish to run their own servers alongside official ones operated by Fragapalooza. In order to make sure your server is running smoothly during events without having to constantly access and monitor the network, they recommend remote installers to be set up beforehand.

Not every popular game will have servers available. If you are unable to find one, they advise hosting your own client.


Whether you’re an expert player or just getting started, their official tournaments are open to all participants of any skill to compete for cash prizes! Tournaments run during the event starting on Friday afternoon and finishing up no later than Sunday morning! 

The tournaments running currently are:

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Singles
  • Call of Duty: Warzone – Duos

Previous tournaments have included:

  • CS:GO – PC
  • Super Smash Bros – Wii U
  • Battlefield 4 – PC
  • Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 – PC
  • StarCraft II – PC

You can host your own tournament with help from Fragapalooza’s staff–just let them know what game it will be in so they have everything set-up properly for when arrivals start coming through at Check In Day.  Just be aware that they won’t be able to offer any prizes.


They always have a few tricks up their sleeve to make sure that every participant walks away with something. This event, they plan on hosting prize giveaways throughout the whole thing and traditionally reserve some of them for last day’s final events!

Online registration is highly recommended as space is limited and only paid participants will be guaranteed a seat.  Paid attendees can also reserve their spot in advance ahead of time!

Payment is cash only at the registration check-in on Thursday morning. For those of you who wish to confirm your reservation online, they have a variety of payment options available.

Ticket Prices

  • Early registration for the event will be available online at until a posted date (may vary year by year for each event, check the current event news for the exact date). Early registration will have an Early Bird cost for the 4 day event, and come with benefits besides a reduced price, such as early bird seat reservation. However, after the mentioned deadline, the registration fee will increase. Although online registration is not required, as you can also pay at the door, it is highly recommended as space is limited and only PAID participants will be guaranteed a seat.  Paid participants will also be able to reserve a seat in our venue ahead of time.
  • Payment at the Registration Check-In on Thursday morning is CASH ONLY as they will not have access to debit or credit card systems.

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Spectators – Fragapalooza events draw many curious onlookers. There is no cost associated with spectator admission into the venue. Every year they have a multitude of spectators who come to the events to witness a unique event or to cheer on their favorites in the official tournaments. As such, anyone and everyone are welcome to come and experience Fragapalooza.

Overview & Programme Summary

  • LAN Party
  • Tournaments
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    • COD Warzone