Scottish games week


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What is Scottish games week?

Imagine a week-long festival with hundreds or even thousands of attendees from all walks of life – gamers, developers and industry professionals alike. A place where you can go to meet other people who share your passion for games; learn more about them through sessions hosted by experts in various fields related to video game development & design as well as listen live during exhibits showcasing new underway projects that are being shown off publicly for the first time ever! 

Where will it take place?

Scotland’s games week aims to be a big part of the global gaming community, with events happening all over Scotland. There will also be some hybrid competitions that bring together gamers from different parts or even international attendees!

Programme summary / Overview

The world’s leading video game creators will be in attendance, including Rockstar Games. This conference provides an opportunity for academics and professionals from across the industry to meet up-close with their peers while learning about new ways of thinking that can help them succeed professionally.

Enable Scotland’s government, public sector and digital technology companies to learn from the tools being pioneered in global gaming sectors.  -Fulfil talent needs by showcasing new games developers who can fill vacancies throughout your organisation or company.

Touching on the cutting edge of innovation, Scotland has established itself as a hub for game development. This new platform will be an interactive content creation destination and showcase programs in addition to showcasing some amazing games from our international designers!


The Games Scotland team has ambitious goals to create a games economy in that country. They plan on hosting events that will allow companies from all over the world, such as publishers and investors; along with those within the industry – artists who design levels or write dialogue for characters among others- come together there at home under one roof!

These gatherings help academia meet each other more frequently so learning can happen outside classroom hours too when it’s needed most

The team is building a platform that will provide opportunities for collaboration and learning in the games industry. They hope to hold events, showcasing Scotland’s cutting-edge digital creativity while giving other sectors from across this country an opportunity meet with professionals who make up our vibrant gaming community

The developer hopes their new endeavour helps highlight unique Scottish content as well celebrate groundbreaking innovations within it – all at international level!

The first ever Scottish Games Awards are here! They need to shout about the amazing people and projects working across such a beautiful country.


Q Where is Scottish games week taking place?

Scottish games week is taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee

Q who is sponsoring Scottish games week?

support is being provided from the Scottish Government’s Tech Ecosystem Review (STER) fund

Q Who is organising the Scottish games week?

Scottish games week is created and organised by the Scottish Games Network