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Who are Immortals esports?

Founded in 2015, Immortals (Abbrev. IMT) are a US-based esports and gaming organization that competes across multiple premier titles, including League of Legends (LCS), VALORANT ,Overwatch. They strive to create the world’ s most inclusive community by engaging our players with both competitive operations as well as community driven activations & initiatives like tournaments or partnerships . Their vision is not just about creating one big virtual gathering but rather building lasting legacies through engagement within this ever growing industry which has so much potential ahead!


Immortals was founded by a group of esports and gaming enthusiasts with the mission to make this sport accessible for everyone. Their name stems from their belief that humans are immortal creatures who can live forever if they’re smart enough; so too does an organization need resources such as capital or talent in order not die out before its time! ImmORTAL’s ownership includes major corporations like Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), Peter Levin – president at Lionsgate Interactive Venture & Games co-founding Nerdist while also being involved heavily within Machinima Online Network-, Allen Debevoise former chairman at; Steve Kaplan, a co-owner of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies; serial entrepreneur Brian Lee, entertainment industry venture capitalists Machine Shop Ventures; Neil Leibman, a co-owner of MLB’s Texas Rangers, and others.[6]


With their continued partnership, they are able to offer free summer camps for youth aged 13-17. The program was designed in collaboration with American Express and focused on building skills such as leadership development or digital literacy!