LAN All Night

LAN All NIGHT is the Dallas chapter of LANFest. It is a charity gaming festival held in the Dallas-area throughout the year. Plus, we have a Llama…

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October 28-30 2022

What is LAN All Night?

LanAllNight is a charity gaming festival in the Dallas area held at The Great Wolf Lodge, benefiting north Texas food banks. At this event hundreds of gamers bring their own computers and games for 50+ hours straight playing video games to raise money or donate items like canned goods so that they can help those who need it most!

Their Dallas chapter of LAN ALL NIGHT is coming up quickly, and they’re excited to provide you with a unique gaming experience. This smaller event will be more focused on meeting people than it was at their last one where thousands attended! There are still plenty of community activities for everyone though; there’s no need to get lost in the crowd or miss out on anything happening around town during this time because now all eyes can stay laser sharp as they focus only on what matters most: Their controller-rivalry skills (or lack thereof).

The LAN All Night Gaming Festival is coming back for its fourth in-person event! This time around, they’ll be holding their next gathering on October 28th through 30th at The Great Wolf Lodge located near Dallas. 

The theme of this years’ festival has been set to “BATLAN” which means battle in Thai language (although it could also mean style). For those who cannot make it out there or would like more information about what they can expect while visiting during these three days; head over now and register before spaces run low!

What’s on.

  • BYOC


BYOC Seat 

– $75 – BYOC Seat – 3′

BYOC Legend Seat 

– $250 – BYOC Seat – 6′, 

Souvenir Mug with Unlimited Soda, Custom Badge (in addition to regular badge), Tshirt, Two Extra Raffle Tickets, 8×10 Event Graphic Signed by Staff, Custom Entry Music, Bring Your Own Chair, Early Entry (Friday Morning), Special Discord Role/Channel, Double Monitors, Listed on Website, Shout Out on Social Media

General Admission 

– $25 – General Admission (in-person) access to LANallNIGHT VI: BatLAN. Full access to all activities including tabletop, vendors, console area, VR area and more! Includes 1 general raffle entry. This General Admission ticket is good for all 3 days of LAN all Night.

VIP and Add-on Tickets

VIP Upgrade – $75 

Tshirt, Souvenir Mug with Unlimited Soda, Early Entry (Friday Morning), One Extra Raffle Ticket, Custom Entry Music, 8×10 Event Graphic Signed by Staff, Bring Your Own Chair, Special Discord Role/Channel, Double Monitors, Listed on Website, Shout Out on Social Media

PC Rental (PC & Monitor) 

$125 – PC Rental (PC & Monitor) MSI Desktop Aegis RS 11th CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-11700KF Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 RAM: 16GB DDR4 SSD: 1TB NVMe Peripherals: MSI Gaming Mouse & MSI Gaming Keyboard Monitor: 24″ 1080p 144hz

Case of Bawls (in-person only) 


Monitor Rental (Monitor Only) 


Limited in-person seating available. 

Covid-19 Safety Info

They will follow all procedures for COVID-19, including Local policy at Great Wolf Lodge as well!

It’s important so please don’t hesitate on checking with anyone in attendance who has been sick recently – just call them before heading into any meeting or event..


Q Does Lan all night have a real Llama?

As their logo yes! and a person in a costume yes!