LANFest Colorado


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October 1st – 3rd @ The Douglas County Event Center

What is Lanfest?

Lanfest is a unique charity gaming event that builds communities and supports gamers in their efforts to help those less fortunate. The Lanverend organization has more than 25 thousand attendees, 400 volunteers across 18 chapters located throughout North America (U-S), Europe (UK) Australia & New Zealand . It’s been 3 years since they’ve had an attendance below 10K people so this year should be great!

Lanfest has always had a special place in their heart for charity. They support food banks, veteran’s causes and animals to name just some of the organizations that have benefit from this amazing festival!

Core Values


Lan Fest is a organization with the mission to empower gaming communities and support charitable efforts. “LanFest driving force behind everything that we do in this company,” says CEO Wario64, who goes on to explain how their dedication towards fulfilling these goals drives all aspects of our operations from planning discussions about what events will take place next year at Lanfest as well as monitoring progress toward those objectives through open communication within each department head team.”

Respect And Communication

Lanfest is a huge undertaking. It takes careful planning, dedication from their leadership and membership alike but most importantly it’s built on the foundation of trust–trust among each other as well as respect for those who lead us into battle each year! They’re committed to following policies with clear expectations so that they can move forward together towards success in competition after competition without ever feeling like anything less than perfect because no matter what challenge arises there will always be someone ready.


All members all have different ideas, but they are working towards the same goal. Leaders will listen to input from their team while taking positive direct action in fulfilling a job that needs completing; it is important for them as individuals on this journey together not only to hear each other out when somebody speaks up or suggests an idea.


They know that their team members are honest, open and upright people. They strive to set the example as leaders by holding ourselves accountable for actions. When feedback or assistance is given in a positive way it’s responded too positively so all stakeholders will be present before discussing any topic towards resolution following Lanfest Code of Ethics

Lanfest Passion

The Lanfest team is made up of a group of gamers who have combined their love for the organization and gaming. They all work hard to build an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, valued, family-friendly (although that’s not possible in some cases), joyful or at least happy about what they do! The ultimate goal as part time employees are excited by this opportunity because it allows them access into new areas like marketing which has always been appealing but now takes on different meaning with these events coming up


Lanfest is a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together to experience the Lanlike atmosphere. They’re looking for new members with different experiences and skills so that our team can grow! Their events embrace all aspects of this culture, including online communication through social media channels like Twitter or Facebook as well as face-to-face interactions at festivals across America.

They work hard towards building brighter lans by following these core values: expressing positive behaviors.

Ticket Information

The event will be a hybrid, meaning it can happen both in person and online. You’ll have the option to buy an all-online pass if you don’t want to travel or participate but still want some rewards from raffles and tournaments

Standard BYOC Ticket

$50 Regular Seat – 4′ of Shared Table Space, 2 Outlets, Pizza, and Prize Giveaway Entry

Premium BYOC Ticket

$75 Premium Seat – 6′ Table, Power Strip, Pizza, and Prize Giveaway Entry


$25 LANFest Colorado Mousepad Delivered at the Event

Standard Online Ticket

$25 Entry into Tournaments and Prize Giveaway Entry

Online VIP Add-On

$25 LANFest Colorado Mousepad Shipped to You

Free Online Ticket

$0 Enjoy Our Event (No Entry into Tournaments or Prize Giveaway)

Limited in-person seating available. Act now!

COVID-19 Safety Info

Local Venue COVID-19 safety procedures will be followed.


Q when is lanfest Colorado?

September 30th -October 2nd 2022

Q Where is Lanfest Colorado?

The Douglas County Event Center, 500 Fairgrounds Rd, Castle Rock, CO 80104