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What is LANOps?

LANOps is a small, yet passionate LAN party started by Th0rn0 back in 2003. Breaking from traditional tournaments and “uber-pr0” clans everywhere with cash prizes for winning them – Lanops had one goal: Have Fun & Be Awesome!.

LANOps isn’t just an event, it’s also a group of friendly people that love to attend other LAN parties across the country! They’ve been going strong since 2016 and have attended The Frag Factory, Breach LAN, Epic.LAN, RetroLAN as well many more fun events.

Their love for gaming and having fun knows no bounds. The 3 Days of Gamin’, pizza delivery, and prizes have never been more lavish! There’s something here to suit every taste with new games that will be released this month as well as old favorites still making an appearance on the lineup- including some rather competitive ones if you’re looking for tough competition among your friends or siblings alike (although we think all are encouraged by these). 

Programme summary / Overview

  • Tournaments
  • Food and Drink

LANOps Ticket Prices

Only 48 tickets are available!

  • Weekend ticket – Early Bird – £30
  • Weekend ticket –£35

Main Events & Tournament Information at LANOps


You can sign up for our tournaments including Unreal Tournament, Rocket League, and Trackmania. They’ll be announcing more soon so stay tuned!


  • Lan Star
  • Welcomes
  • Social / Projector games / Golf With Friends
  • Wreckfest
  • Half Life 2 DM
  • TBA
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Trackmania Nations Forever
  • Garry’s Mod

Food & Drink

For the next two days, you can get 50% off at Dominoes. They take orders every night for pizza and other dishes from their takeaway menu! There are also plenty of restaurants within walking distance if that’s more your speed.


  • Why not stay in shape while camping? They’ve got you covered with an on-site shower. Just be sure to bring your own towels and soap!
  • It’s important to know that under 16s are required to have parental consent forms signed before they can attend any of our events. We work hard at keeping things fit for everyone, but there is some media content which may not be appropriate or age-appropriate depending on who you are – so make sure your parents sign this!