LPANE, the LAN Party Association of New England

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What’s LPANE?

LPANE, the LAN Party Association of New England is a Boston area group that unites people who play games together and run servers. Their goal? Help host events for other gamers across 14 different Massachusetts-based gaming communities with resources like computers or video game consoles available at your convenience!

LPANEDevils was formed back in 2004 by 53 administrators from various local networks including LanChelms – one such event promoting good times through cooperation rather than competition while still maintaining high standards throughout all aspects—and Adrenaluanrush which featured 24 hour ends set up specifically so you could really get acquainted.

Some people are still stuck in the 90s and want to bring back one last LAN party before we throw ourselves off a bridge. They’re starting small, but eventually hope for big things with your help!


Unreal Tournament GOTY (UT99)

FPS, Deathmatch, InstaGib, CTF

The classic game that you can play on your computer or with friends. It is still one of the most popular games to played at a LAN party, so we’re giving out copies!

GOG – Unreal Tournament 2004

FPS, Team, Deathmatch, InstaGib, Vehicles

Classic LAN party tournament FPS with lots of game modes. They play Capture the Flag, Death Match and Onslaught (a control point map that allows for vehicles).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Tactical FPS

The best way to get your competitive gaming on. They’re playing Arms Race, aka Gun Game and classic CT v T demolition game modes at their LAN party!

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

FPS, Melee Combat

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is an FPS where three teams compete for gold. The players can use melee weapons like swords or hammers; crossbows to shoot at their enemies from afar (but no shooting without taking Damage)

Fistful of Frags

FPS Team Deathmatch

The first person source mod set in the Wild West, fistful of Frags is more than just guns and action. Along with slow but powerful weaponry comes a slower paced game play that takes advantage for strategy gamers who want something different from their usual gungame experience

Rocket League

Arcade-Style Soccer

Rocket League is a new type of sport that combines soccer and motorsports. The players use rocket powered cars to hit the ball midair or dodge attempts at their demolition, all while trying not to get knocked off course themselves!

Team Fortress 2

FPS, Team, Class-Based

The nine classes in this game provide a wide range of tactical abilities and personalities. The newest update includes new modes, maps equipment with most importantly hats!


Tron Light Cycle Game

Imagine a Tron-style multiplayer light cycle game where you have to work with your team in order to box other players into place. The last one standing wins!

Half-Life 2: Death Match

FPS Deathmatch

The classic team deathmatch is back, with all of your favorite weapons. Get ready to pick up a gun and shoot or use grav boots on those toilets!

Super Animal Royale

Battle Royale

Super Animal Royale is an action-packed, top down 2D battle royale where you are dropped into a world with 64 other animals. You have to fight for your life by running around and using whatever tools that come in contact – be it paws or arms!

Witch It

Hide & Seek

The game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases for upgrades. People who want more durability or an advantage when they play can buy these with real money; however you don’t need any coins if your just looking around at different options!



You wake up in a unfamiliar place to the sound of an unknown voice, surrounded by five others. A third have been infected but who will escape?


Q What's LPANE?

LPANE, the LAN Party Association of New England, is a Boston area group of guys and gals who play games together, run servers, and organize LAN parties.