An all-ages Geek Culture Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

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What is Momocon??

MomoCon is a place for everyone to come and enjoy themselves. With events that cover every genre, from animation panels with huge entertainment zones dedicated just for kids or older folks who love nostalgia; there really isn’t another convention like it!

MomoCon is the ultimate destination for fans of Japanese anime, American Animation and comics. This four day event features workshops with celebrity voice actors or designers who are behind some your favorite shows! For those looking to get into costuming there’s an extensive hall filled only by outfits that you can try out on under yours (or theirs). As if all this wasn’t enough Momocon has something new every year – advance tickets go sale next spring so make sure not miss it

Main Events & Tournament Information 


Classic and japanese arcades -TBA

Career Fair

MomoCon is proud to offer an all-new Career Expo this year. This event will feature companies and open positions from across the globe, with free admission for job seekers! A Momoan badge isn’t required but it’s highly recommended as you’ll have access to some awesome benefits like discounts on products sold at our merchandise table or even apply right there if they’re hiring (with no obligation). 


YouTubers Live Performance

Join your favourite YouTube singers and performers for this one night only group performance! Specific vocalists to be announced soon, but don’t forget about new developments in 2022.

AMVS on Stage

MomoCon is excited to announce that they will be working with youtubers on putting together a Live Performance AMV Concert! This showcase of edited videos specifically for the event, and performed live by musicians playing instruments onstage at Momocon 2023. They need your help in making this happen- so please sign up as an editor if interested because there are plenty more details coming soon regarding how things work…

Disney Singing Contest Finals

Join them for an evening of singing and entertainment at MomoCon! They have a host participating in this year’s competition, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. 

More Musical Performances TBA!

Stay tuned!


MomoCon 2022 Friday Cosplay Showcase

The Cosplay Showcase is intended for contestants who have made 60% or less of their costume by hand. It’s an opportunity to show off your creativity, and there are prizes up for grabs!

MomoCon 2022 Craftsmanship Costume Contest

The annual MomoCon Craftsmanship Contest is one of the largest events at this year’s festival, with competitors displaying their top tier cloth craftsmanship and prop making. The participants are judged based on how much they’ve done by hand rather than any other factor such as design or color scheme; it’s meant for people who have made 60%+ costumes themselves!

MomoCon is committed to ensuring that all participants have an enjoyable experience. To this end, we annually rotate experienced judges who are not representatives of MomoCon in order for them to provide new pools of talent and reduce bias against those taking part.

MomoCon 2022 Lip Sync Competition

Think you have what it takes to be MomoCon’s Top Idol? You often find yourself enthusiastically mouthing the words and breaking out into dance from your favorite video. Can YOU do this for a crowd, taking home victory in their upcoming Lip Sync Competition! They are accepting submissions now

Disney Sing-Along Contest

The Disney Sing Along Contest is back for its third annual run! This contest puts your singing skills to the test as you try and win a trip!


First place wins a one-day park ticket to Walt Disney World! This is perfect for anyone who loves theme parks and. Second through third places are gifted with prizes from the event including manga comics DVDs etc., which means there’s always something new waiting inside those doors every trip—even without purchasing anything yourself!.

Digital Tournaments

MomoCon is coming up and we’re excited to see you there! In addition the numerous handheld, casual PC tournaments as well as tabletop games for those who prefer something more solid with their feet on ground level – Momo will also be hosting competitive events in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Singles + Doubles), Rivals of Aether(SINGLES) & Brawlhalla(BIGLAD). For those interested but cannot make it out don’t worry because all fees generated from these competitions go right back into investing money toward furthering competition prize pools.


MomoCon is about to get even more exciting!

The Momocion major will be hosting tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Singles + Doubles), Rivals of Aether( singles and doubles ) , Brawlhalla; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Dragon Ball fighter, Tekken 7 etc… All these games have their own respective Console Areas available on site so you don’t miss out if that’s what interests you most

Fan Car Showcase

All cars and motorcycles in the shape of anime or manga characters are eligible for display. 

The only requirements to enter this competition is that your vehicle must comply with GWCC guidelines when it comes time for parking, so make sure you disconnect batteries once parked on site!

Fan Photo Shoots 

There are several areas that might be good for your meetup and photoshoot needs at the event, all within an easy walk.

Indie Games

Go see your favourite indie games at this showcase of emerging talent. You won’t want to miss it!

MOMOCON 2023 will be coming up soon and they can’t wait for you all to come check out our amazing line-up of developers that were unable last year because they weren’t able to find any space in the hotels near where the convention centre was located…until now!

PC Gaming

The MomoCon PC Free Play Area is the perfect place to go if you don’t want your computer with all of its bells and whistles in tow. You can simply show up at one of these machines, grab a time slot that suits you (based on availability), sign into any games online without having them download or install anything onto their device–and then play!

TAble top & Board Games

Board Games

MomoCon is the perfect place to test your skills and learn new ones! They have many tables set up with games from our well-stocked library. Stop by for an engaging evening of gaming, or sign up early so you can take advantage when registration opens at nightfall on Saturday evening – there’s never been a better time than this year!!

Card Games

  • YuGiOh $2000 Tournament – 128 player cap
  • Digimon Case Tournament – 128 player cap
  • Dragon Ball Case Tournament – 64 player cap
  • Pokemon Case Tournament – 64 player cap
  • MTG Commander Pods – 64 player cap
  • MTG Drafts On Demand – 8 players per pod


With the vast amount of space that they have at their disposal, everyone is excited for all the new things this will bring. They’ll be running starter and demo sessions throughout Saturday with more developed games offered late night or in between organised activities like Adventure League and Pathfinders society!

D & D Adventurers League

Dungeons and Dragons is the world’s most popular role-playing game. D&D gives structure to storytelling, allowing for swordfights in worlds of magic with consequences that are determined by players’ actions during playtime!


MomoCon is a place where you can find everything from traditional LARP events to kid-friendly versions for children of all ages. Whether it’s an evening full of medieval combat or just some make believe fishing, there will be something at Momocon every attendee needs!

Wrestling at Momocon

Join Stranglehold Championship Wrestling for an unforgettable weekend of professional wrestling at the Exhibit Hall stage! Watch some of your favourite stars in action, meet new ones on their way up and get autographs from all while enjoying food provided by our official partners. A portion will be available only during this event so don’t miss it!

Ticket Prices

Multi-Day 4 Day Pass Membership $85.00

Thursday Only (1-Day) Membership $35.00

Friday Only (1-Day) Membership $45.00

Saturday Only (1-Day) Membership $50.00 

Sunday Only (1-Day) Membership    $35.00

They want to make sure that your family’s experience at this event will be perfect. That’s why they’re proud of our complimentary kids badge! For those who need a little help, just stop by registration on site and pick up an awesome souvenir for yourself or someone else – all while 9-years old and under are free with paid adult admission.

Programme Summary / Overview

  • Arcade
  • Career Fair
  • Concerts
  • Contests
  • Esports
  • Fan Car Showcase
  • Fan Photo Shoots 
  • Indie Games
  • PC Gaming
  • TAble top & Board Games
  • Wrestling at Momocon



They encourage all attendees to take public transit, as it will ease your journey and make sure that you are safe during inclement weather. The GWCC has an excellent bridge connection with both a large parking area for those who drive or ride motorcycles (and caravans) as well as the secure train station at MARTA’s Convention Centre Station – which is only one stop away from downtown Atlanta!


Parking at the Omni is $40+ a day for valet service. The GWCC Red Deck offers pre-purchasing now! Other lots in downtown Atlanta (range from $5-$20 per day).


The Omni is the only hotel hosting MomoCon events, so if you’re looking for a place to stay during your visit they highly recommend it. It’s also within walking distance from many attractions including on site registration at Georgia World Congress Center!


Q what esports are at momocon?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Singles + Doubles), Rivals of Aether( singles and doubles ) , Brawlhalla; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Dragon Ball fighter, Tekken 7 etc...

Q Where is Momocon?

Momocon is taking place at: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia