PAX East

A celebration of gaming and gaming culture

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What Is PAX East?

The people at Penny Arcade had a brilliant idea, and it’s something to be celebrated! In 2004 they created PAX expanding to have PAX East in the East – an event exclusively for gamers. The response from pre-registrations was so positive in fact, that these guys knew there must be more than just video games going on under all those wires & cables with computers everywhere you look…so now the second generation of attendees has grown up learning about anime episodes or reading comic books while playing quake Live against each other.

When they started out, there were just a few gamers bringing their little pop-up event to local communities. Nowadays the crowds are so big that it’s hard even for the founder and his team members who helped build this thing from scratch! 

For over a decade, the annual PAX has evolved with modern technology to become one of America’s most exciting gaming festivals. PAX hosts VR Freeplay areas where players can get their fix without being tied down into games; reach out across all genres in their Diversity Lounge (and even find new favorites!) and offer an array programs for every type or platform available–even concerts!

PAX provides a welcoming space for gamers of every discipline. Whether you prefer platforming, role-playing or shooting games; if it has buttons and sticks it’s there!

Pax East Main Events & Tournament Information


Your skills deserve to be rewarded. You can compete with other top competitors in the PAX tournaments. Each year, the specific tournaments for each event is released with the event schedule.

Previous PAX EAST tournaments include games such as:

  • League of Legends Regional Tournament
  • StarCraft II
  • CS:GO
  • Valorant
  • Smite
  • Magic Online
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Tetris Splash
  • Halo Reach


Come to the packed hall of exhibitors where you’ll find publishers and developers from all across. You can see some great new games that are about to be released as well!


PAX East is full of cosplayers, with a competition and prize for the best cosplay each year in multiple categories! Get your gear on and give it a go!


Meet and greet with talented creators in Bandland, a series of merch vendors supporting bands performing at PAX. You’ll find artists and other content creators you may recognize from That Thing You Like there too!


The console room is proof that the mind’s greatest Hits can be found in any garage or basement across America. For years they’ve collected consoles from all eras, so it makes sense to let them shine on stage for this one night only!


They take pride in their diverse and talented panels, with the full schedule available about a month prior to each event.


The world’s most competitive gamers are getting together to compete in a tournament that will be broadcasted worldwide. The players have been practising their hearts out, but can they win?


You are covered, whether it’s a desktop or laptop. Don’t worry about bringing in your own gaming machine – we’ll have plenty of PCs available for all skill levels at the event!


PAX Rising is a way for smaller developers to show off their games and connect with potential customers. The showcase will take place at this year’s PAX, giving attendees an opportunity they don’t usually get: the chance to sit next door or across from major releases in order-to watch them develop!


With the support of PAX, smaller developers will have a chance to show their games and panels at this year’s event. Developers who might not otherwise be able to afford such an opportunity are now able utilising technology in new ways thanks solely on how they want it delivered!


The PAX Handheld Lounges are the perfect places to take a break, relax your tired feet and play some games too.


The Final Round of the Omegathon is a race against time as you watch your favorite champion battle it out for victory. The winner will be granted with any wish they desire, but there can only be one in this contest and that means all other competitors are fighting hard just to make sure their dream comes true too!


The Pinny Arcade is an ecosystem of pins you can collect or trade with attendees, Enforcers and staff members throughout PAX. Get started with your collection at the Official Merch booth to be part of our ever growing community!


Tabletop Freeplay has hundreds of tables and a bag of holding worth of lending library titles you can check out and play for yourself.


Come see the latest and greatest in tabletop game design at our next meeting!


With a mission to celebrate diversity and underrepresented groups both at PAX events, as well in the gaming community at large; it’s important that they have games for everyone. Whether you’re meeting old friends or finding new favorites – there will always be something here!


ThePAX has a variety of features for those who have activated their badges including the Arcadia scavenger hunt, instant win prize towers and photo stations.


Take a break from the hustle and enjoy some peace in this room. Brought to you by our friends at TakeThis dot com


Child’s Play is an organization that provides gaming consoles and technology to children’s hospitals around the world. You can be part of this amazing charity by donating your old games at any point, or buying new ones from their store!


The first panel at each PAX has hosted some of the most notable names in gaming! For example, when Super Mario Maker was revealed and Kingdom Hearts 3 showed off its world premiere.


What’s the best way to learn how you can improve your personal records? Through a live audience, of course! The Speedrunning Stage at this year’s Games Done Quick event will give players an opportunity for self-improvement as they watch some top notch runners take on completing challenges in under two minutes. Learn lessons from other peoples’ mistakes and see what works when it comes down right there next door

  • Expo Hall

Ticket Prices

Like Comic-Con, badges can be purchased for single days, as well as for the entire weekend.

Expect to see single-day tickets costing around $60 and four-day badges costing $225.

These badges will be available on the PAX East website before each event.



This year, at PAX East we are teaming up with CLEAR to make sure you can get in the building as fast and not have any worries about losing your vaccine cards! With their help using the Health Pass feature which provides easy proof of COVID-19 vaccination for faster entry.


Approved face covering at all times is required!


By attending this event, you acknowledge that there is a certain risk involved on behalf of yourself or any minor who may attend with your consent. Furthermore as conditions for entry into the venue – agree to follow all applicable health guidelines


With all of these new guidelines and requirements, they’re confident that this year’s PAX East will be one for the books! Their team has been working hard to ensure a safe environment. They’ve implemented some great changes based on current CDC Guidelines in order to help support such an amazing experience with ease-of mind from everyone who attends or works at any event associated with them.


You must be vaccinated with a vaccine approved or authorised by the FDA and WHO against COVID-19 in order to attend PAX East. Show proof at your time of entry!


The first thing you should know about this event is that it’s safe. From its early beginnings, PAX has been proactive with policies and initiatives in order to ensure the safety not just for attendees but also those involved as well – from speakers & exhibitors down through Enforcers who keep everything running smoothly on site!