PAX West

A celebration of gaming and gaming culture

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What is PAX West?

When the founders of Penny Arcade had a brilliant idea, it was something to be celebrated! In 2004 they created PAX – an event exclusively for gamers. The response from pre-registrations was so positive in fact that these guys knew there must have been more than just video games going on under all those wires and cables with computers everywhere you look…so now their second generation has grown up learning about anime episodes or reading comic books while playing quake live against each other.

When they first started bringing PAX to venues, it was a humble affair. But as the show has grown in size and popularity over time, and so too have their efforts striving for perfection from every angle possible- this is what defines them as an organisation now more than ever before!

PAX has always been a place where gamers can feel free to experiment with new technology, whether it’s VR or something else. And over the years their tastes have evolved too – from tournaments in 2004 that were focused moreso on competition than exploration of gaming culture at large (you could play anything you wanted!) all way down today featuring expos hall floor space dedicated solely these days just so developers get exposure outside what usually only happens during trade shows like CES.

They want to provide a space for gamers of every discipline, no matter what your preferred genre or platform. They hope you’ll find home at PAX!

With its roots in the original, PAX West is proud to be a part of this long history. The one that started it all and still stands strong after so many years later.

Pax West Main Events & Tournament Information


Think you’ve got what it takes to take on the world? PAX West is looking for gutsiest gamers in this competition.

Your skills deserve to be rewarded. You can compete with other top competitors in the PAX tournaments. Each year, the specific tournaments for each event is released with the event schedule.

Previous PAX West tournaments include games such as:

  • League of Legends Regional Tournament
  • StarCraft II
  • CS:GO
  • Valorant
  • Smite
  • Magic Online
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Tetris Splash
  • Halo Reach


Come to the packed hall of exhibitors where you’ll find publishers and developers from all across. You can see some great new games that are about to be released as well!


Gaming panels are an important part of their experience at gaming events. With the full schedule available about a month prior to each event, you’ll be able to find out more information on what’s coming up and connect with other gamers like yourself who share your passion!


The hall is packed with exhibitors who have a variety of different booth designs. From AAA publishers and developers behind the latest blockbuster games, to innovative indie teams disrupting their industry; there’s something for everyone at this year’s.


This year, they have a whole new batch of competitors that will be battling it out to see who can get into finals. They’ve been selected from amongst YOU so keep your eyes peeled and make sure not miss any action because these matches could impact how high up on top spot(s) they end up going – plus there are plenty more surprises in store just wait until you hear them all…


What happens when you pit the world’s most competitive gamers against each other? Let’s find out! The thrill of victory is intense and defeat brings about an bidder’s remorse that will not go away until they claim their prize. It doesn’t matter if it is cash or points; these players are fighting tooth-and nail for all importance in this competition because there can be only one true champion.


If you’re looking to meet and greet or just say hello, come on over to Bandland. This series of merch vendors supporting bands performing at PAX will have some talented creators that are worth checking out! You may recognize them from That Thing You Like or another project in their portfolio – but don’t worry because they’ll be able show off something new too 🙂


If you love Pinny Arcade’s awesome pins and want to start collecting them, head on over the Official PAX Merch booth. You can also make new friends while doing so!


The gaming community is so much more than just a place for gamers. And the PAX Together Intersection wants you to know that it’s also here, waiting with open arms if your visit will be among those who are under-represented or simply looking into what makes their friends tick!


The most exciting part about these events is finding out what’s going to happen next. With a series of features for those who have activated their badges, including the Arcadia scavenger hunt and instant win prize towers photo stations are sure not disappoint!


The PAX Handheld Lounges are great places to take a break, relax your tired feet and play some games. They’re not just talking about video consoles either – there’s also an excellent selection of board games available for those who want something more traditional!


Tabletop designers and publishers are always coming out with new games, so this is the place to see them all!


Your favourite formats brought to PAX by Pastimes Events.


Tabletop Freeplay is a library where you can find hundreds of tables and bags worth titles to play with.


You don’t want to miss this! All week, they’ll be playing a library of consoles and games that would make any gamer drool with delight.


Child’s Play is a games company that provides consoles, software and technology to over 180 children’s hospitals worldwide. They are looking for gamers like you who want to give back by supporting the official charity of PAX – it doesn’t have to be in-game or on your phone!


They know that the show can be exhausting, which is why they’ve created AFK Room. A place for you to regain your calm and take a break from all of those hustle-ins; brought exclusively by TakeThis!


They’re bringing in their computers so you can access them throughout the show, or play on one of theirs already loaded up with an assortment of great LAN games.


The show floor is home to a select group of game developers who have been hand-picked by the team atPAX. They’ll each get their own free booth in our expo hall, where they can let gamers try out upcoming releases and provide feedback on what makes games great!

The submission process has only just begun – but don’t worry if you’re not ready yet because they will post updates about every applicant that submits an application through this blogpost so stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Ticket Prices

4 Day Badge$235

This badge is valid for one (1) person on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday during PAX West 2022

One Day Badge$62
This badge is valid for one (1) person for one day (Friday – Monday) during PAX West 2022

BYOC Badge – $45
The BYOC Badge allows access to our private Bring Your Own Computer area inside PAX, but it does not permit entry to PAX and must be accompanied by PAX day badges.



Without the tireless efforts of these community members, PAX would not be possible. Find out how you can join their ranks and help make this show great!

Hotels & Travel

If you’re coming into the city from Sea-Tac airport, we recommend taking a light rail service called Link. Trains run every 5 to 20 minutes and will take about an hour on average depending upon when they leave for your destination.


The hotels are talking to them, and they’ve started getting discounts for you! Stay tuned because there’s a special link coming soon.

Health & Safety


This year, at PAX West we are teaming up with CLEAR to make sure you can get in the building as fast and not have any worries about losing your vaccine cards! With their help using the Health Pass feature which provides easy proof of COVID-19 vaccination for faster entry.


Approved face covering at all times is required!


By attending this event, you acknowledge that there is a certain risk involved on behalf of yourself or any minor who may attend with your consent. Furthermore as conditions for entry into the venue – agree to follow all applicable health guidelines


With all of these new guidelines and requirements, they’re confident that this year’s PAX West will be one for the books! Their team has been working hard to ensure a safe environment. They’ve implemented some great changes based on current CDC Guidelines in order to help support such an amazing experience with ease-of mind from everyone who attends or works at any event associated with them.


You must be vaccinated with a vaccine approved or authorized by the FDA and WHO against COVID-19 in order to attend PAX West. Show proof at your time of entry!


The first thing you should know about this event is that it’s safe. From its early beginnings, PAX has been proactive with policies and initiatives in order to ensure the safety not just for attendees but also those involved as well – from speakers & exhibitors down through Enforcers who keep everything running smoothly on site!