Play Expo Glasgow

Scotland's Biggest Gaming Expo Returns

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What is Play Expo Glasgow?

Play Expo Glasgow is a gaming event that takes place in Glasgow, Scotland. The event is open to all gaming fans, whether they are casual or hardcore gamers. There will be a variety of gaming areas to enjoy, including console gaming, PC gaming, and retro gaming. In addition, there will be opportunities to meet fellow gamers, learn about new games, and take part in competitions. 

The event will also feature a range of special guests, including developers, YouTubers, and industry insiders. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone who’s just getting started, Play Expo Glasgow is the perfect place to learn more about the world of gaming.

Main Events

Glasgow will be showcased as Scotland’s favourite gaming expo in June! 

Organised by experienced video game event specialists Replay Events, this year’s show is set to feature all of your favourite things about gaming. With features and more exhibitors than ever before – you’ll never want for something interesting or new at our events.

The annual Glasgow Gaming Expo promises an exciting experience with plenty on offer from talented developers who are excitedly waiting just beyond their screens.

Schedule will be shared at a later date.


They’ve got everything from Duo play through Squads so no one gets left behind 


They have a whole zone dedicated to all your favorite indie games! Whether you’re looking for something new or just want some nostalgia, they are prepared. 


Come and enjoy the many different types of board games, card games or euros that they have on display for you to try. You’ll be able to play with us at our demo tables too!

Board and card games are a great way to get your favourite franchises in an entirely new experience!

They have an exclusive lineup of games for you to try out. Want some street-level superheroics? How about deranged zombies and Marvel’s finest heroes all in one day!


Whether you’re competing, supporting a team mate or just a casual observer the tournaments at PLAY Expo are a must for many people. 

They’ll be releasing schedules in due course and making announcements on the main news page as well social media so keep eyes peeled!


The PLAY Expo is back with a selection of games that will warp your reality and trick you mind. Stay tuned to this site closer to show dates as they announce more titles.


The super popular Minecraft area will be returning again this year at PLAY Expo! They’ll have some unique builds and games in store for everyone who comes out.


You won’t need to worry about where everyone will fit their monitors at PLAY Expo because this one-of-a kind event has you covered. A perfect spot for gamers of all kinds, there’s something here that’ll suit every taste and preference!


Get your groove on at the Replay Rhythm area of PLAY Expo from all over the world, including classics like Gamecube Donkey Konga and Playstation Parappa The Rapper. There’s also hidden gems such as Xbox 360 DJ Hero or PS4 Rock Band 4 professional kit courtesy sponsor Harmonix!


Join them for their annual Cosplay Masquerade! This year, they’re giving away £200 in cash prizes and two free tickets to an upcoming event. There are also other awards including Best Craftsmanship which will get you another chance at seeing this fantastic venue while they last—so don’t miss out on your chance!


You’ll be able to try out some original pinball machines at the show! They have a wide selection for you, all set on free play. 


Video games from your childhood can’t seem to outgrow their popularity. You may remember the fight over who got what gun in House of The Dead or playing arcade versions like Mortal Kombat, where you had to use both hands on right side buttons and left trigger respectively while balancing yourself against an opponent’s attacks–it was intense!


The retro zone is going to be a lot of fun! They’ll have all your favourite systems from Pong and even Playstation 3. You won’t want to miss this, so make sure you come check out the event at PLAY Expo – it’s going to be awesome!!

The Replay Celebrations game collection is a who’s-who of video games, with many famous names and genres represented. The event will offer visitors the chance to play any number of iconic console titles from Mario through James Bond.


Trade your products at the PLAY Expo – where else will you find such an extensive selection? They have everything from classic games and consoles to custom made artwork, retro toys…and so much more! If this sounds like a venue for which would love to showcase their wares then contact them today by filling out their application form.


They’re going to bring out the big guns! The next-gen zone is where you can play all of those cutting edge games for your latest powerhouse machines. Don’t worry about getting lost in translation, though. Their staff are fluent gamers who know their stuff when it comes down to selecting something fit for whatever mood or taste.

Ticket Prices

Tickets will go on sale soon so stay tuned!

Programme summary / Overview

  • Fortnite
  • Indie Gaming
  • Tournaments
  • Virtual Reality
  • Minecraft
  • Lan Gaming
  • Rhythm Games
  • Cosplay
  • Pinball Tables
  • Arcade Cabs
  • Shopping Hall
  • Next-Gen Zon


  • If you’re looking to attend this event with a carer or personal assistance, They’ve got just the thing! For free admission and without an additional charge. Just let them know what kind of visitor profile your family has when purchasing their full price ticket – no need for any extra paperwork.
  • PLAY Expo is a great place for anyone who’s looking to have some fun, no matter your age. They don’t want children under 16 left on their own though so make sure you bring them with someone who can watch over them! Some of the tournaments might carry restrictions but rest assured they’ll let everyone know ahead of time if that will be the case.
    In order to ensure that the games are not accessible by anyone who cannot prove they are over 18.
  • You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the venue. There will be a bar at the event that provides hot, cold items as well alcoholic beverages for those who want them! There is also an expansive food court just next door in case you get hungry or thirsty during proceedings.


Q When is Play Expo Glasgow back

after being postponed due to covid-19 in 2020, Play Expo Glasgow will be held again in 2022