RetCon – The Retro Gaming Festival

The Retro Gaming Festival

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What is RetCon The Retro Gaming Festival?

You and your family are invited to spend a Saturday playing old school video games at the Greenford Computer Club. The knowledgeable team will be there waiting for you, ready with all of their knowledge on how best to enjoy this fun event together!

Main Events & Tournament Information


We all know that computer games are meant for fun and relaxation, but what about when you want to compete? There’s nothing better than taking your skills online against other players from around the world. They’re bringing back some of these classics – like Unreal Tournament 1999 which was one of the most popular events at last year’s event!

It doesn’t matter if it is Sensible Soccer or any other retro multiplayer greatness; they have something there worth playing with others over. It’ll make you feel right at home while still having an amazing time.

Retro Systems line-up

The world’s most famous video games are coming to life in a new exhibit! From Exotic beauties like Sam Coupé (Spectrum’s fabled successor), Vectrex (portrait screened vector graphics marvel) and the mighty PC Engine will join perennial favourites Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Sinclair ZX Spectrum ,NES, SNES, Megadrive, PS1 And many more.

If you’re looking for a fun way to involve your kids this coming year, then look no further than RetCon 2022. The event will have something in store that is sure to make you happy and keep your attention from start until finish! With games like jump mushrooms, shoot enemy spaceships, maze navigation, racing all manner of cars & boats – there’s always an exciting challenge waiting around every corner at this video game expo.

RetCon is the home of all your retro gaming needs! They’ve got a whole range of joysticks, now compatible with Pi 4 and more – including CD32 compatibility and improved C64 support too. 


The Greenford Community Centre is a place where you can come to meet hackers, gamers and YouTube stars from all over England! Andrew or Philip Oliver will be there in person on Saturday 18th June – they are two of Britain’s best known game developers who together have created some incredible video games like participating in developing pixels for consoles such as Nintendo 64 (with brother Christian), PlayStation 2 etc., creating iconic hits that we love playing today; making our childhood dreams come true while building up careers doing what they loved.

Join the RetCon favourites, Nicola & Anthony Caulfield as they take you on a journey from Bedrooms To Billions. Then follow their incredible creative team who brought us From Bedrooms 2 – The Amiga Years and The PlayStation Revolution.

We’re thrilled to announce that one of our all-time favourite people are coming this year! Stephen Fletcher, creator and author behind The Commodore Story will be at Amiga 2021. Not only does he have copies of his newest book for you but also an exclusive interview with him as well.

David Pleasance is back for the RetCon festival! His latest book, From Vultures To Vampires has just come out and you can learn everything about it. He’ll also be signing copies of his other works in attendance so don’t miss this opportunity if books are something that interest you.

Andrew Joseph has been a part of since its inception in 1998, nearly 25 years ago! He’ll be there to tell you all about his career and the works he’s been a part of.

Many more to come!

Ticket Prices

  • General Admission- £5.00 +£0.98 Fee

Tickets available until Jun 18th, 2022.

Opening times

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM BST

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