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What is RGB LAN?

You know what’s better than a weekend of fragging? A whole three day long, BYOC (bring-your-own computer) LAN party and charity video game tournament. All the proceeds from your winning moments will go towards power gaming for good! So declare yourself – there are colors here after all so it needs color representation-, grab some friends along with you on this journey. 

They’ve got one goal – to give back. And they know how you can help them do just that! Your team will be playing in three different tournaments with amazing local charities as prizes, and every game counts towards giving something great away so let’s get stuck into this competition now!

You’ll win more than just cash when you play in their tournaments. You can earn points that unlock exclusive donations, drawings for big prizes like vacations or custom builds from builders of your choice – even if they’re not onsite at the event!

The best part? All this will happen automatically with no work needed by YOU—they take care of everything necessary so all competitors have an opportunity to compete equally without being disadvantaged because someone else was faster skateboarded across town first…

They’re excited to announce that they are once again bringing together the best of console and PC gaming for a 60-hour LAN party, this time in their home region – The East Coast. With over 20 years experience running tournaments across North America from DreamHack Austin 2016 all the way up until last year’s GEXCon event outside Washington DC; there will be no challenge too difficult when you bring out your A game because these guys know how important it is make sure everyone has fun at their own personal tournament!

What’s on

You’re free to play whatever you want while at a LAN party, but the emphasis should be on local servers and getting other people around your area into that same game. They highly encourage everyone who comes looking for some good old-fashioned fragging time through UT2K4 or any other title with an online multiplayer mode! Fire up one of these Discord channels – there’s sure going to someone out their willing enough join in awesome battles.

The best way to find a seat for our upcoming tournaments is by checking the “Reserve Your Seat” button on the page. You can also view all of your options through Tournaments in-game, which will show you what games are available and when they start! If there’s anything they’ve missed or if someone has ideas about how things could work better please let them know so that it gets fixed as soon possible because not having enough people playing means lower prize pools – something nobody wants but sometimes needs due diligence towards before signing up with multiple teams/friends etc..

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro, everyone has the opportunity to play in our tournaments. They offer free entry with no skill floor and all events are open for sign up! There will always be new faces so come find your niche at any one of them while they still have space left on the card – there may not ever again after this weekend though because these things go fast (and they were meant just that way)!

When you sign up for RGB, not only will your team be fighting to win prizes and money but also a charity! The three teams are Red ( earn points by participating in events), Green (tasks such as sharing social media posts) or Blue who do things more challenging like completing tasks online. Throughout this LAN there’ll plenty of ways get points so make sure they’re worth it – some easy ones are just signing up while others may take effort depending on how much time they’ve got because these challenges won’t stop coming

The more you participate in our events and play on official servers, the higher your score will be. You even get points just for showing up–no need to do anything but watch or stream with them because they’re watching over everything so that everyone has an equal chance at winning these great rewards.

Misc Information

  • There are lots of fun things to do in this beautiful city, but they also want you kids (and parents!) safe. That’s why their event has a few rules for attendance – no ones under 12 or over 17 allowed and if your child is between those ages then they need their parent/guardian signed up too!

What should you bring?

  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse & Mouse PAD
  • Headset (No Speakers!)
  • Ethernet Cable – AT LEAST 25FT LONG (your seat might be that far from the nearest switch)
  • Power Strip (One with a breaker is always recommended.)
  • Your video games PRE-INSTALLED 
  • Food & Drink
  • Money

We have a limited amount of space available for monitors so we recommend you buy two tickets if you need two monitors.

Can you bring your own chair? Yes, you’re allowed to use your own desk or camping style seat. But they do have some nice padded chairs that cost $10 extra for rental – just let them know at the door what type of seating preference and they’ll be ready when needed!

The venue offers light refreshments at the concession stand, but it’s usually quite expensive. There are tons of restaurants in close proximity and you’re welcome to bring whatever food or drinks that they don’t sell there – just make sure not TOO much as they will charge them extra for wasted supplies! The parking is free too so feel free get ready by driving around first before coming into their building because there’s plenty spots right out front where you can park when needed

So you want to go camping at a LAN? We’re not going out into nature, but thanks for thinking about it. The event center has designated sleeping areas on the show floor where guests can snooze free of charge! There are no utilities outside so forget bringing your tent–they don’t have enough space anyway.


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Q What should you bring to RGB LAN?

Computer (desktop or laptop),
Mouse & Mouse PAD,
Headset (No Speakers!),
Ethernet Cable – AT LEAST 25FT LONG (your seat might be that far from the nearest switch),
Power Strip (One with a breaker is always recommended.),
Your video games PRE-INSTALLED,
Food &Drink,