LAN Parties, Music, Friends. Welcome to SomerGaming.

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What Is SomerGaming?

In 2016, a group of friends had an idea to organize regular gaming sessions at their homes. They called this new organisation “SomerGaming” which has since become a community for people who love video games!

SomerLAN is a Lan Party event where PC gamers from around Somerset and beyond bring their computers to play video games with one another and against one another. SomerLAN is not just about PC gaming, don’t be surprised to find gamers playing board games, card games or console gaming.

In the last few years, SomerGaming has grown from a small LAN party to an established gaming community. Everyone is welcome at their events and they provide all guests with premium content while also hosting tournaments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, Magic: The Gathering Online. Whether you are looking for competitive play or just want some fun games in general; there’s something here!

Main Events & Tournament Information

Games & Tournaments

Here is a list of the most popular games played at SomerGaming, but there are plenty more which get played. If they are missing your favourite game then fear not – It will probably be played anyway! Note that tournaments have been previously ran in many of the games too!


  • League Of Legends (Free)
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Chivalry – Medievil Warfare
  • SpeedRunners
  • Fortnite (Free)
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Left 4 Dead 2


  • Among Us
  • Fallguys
  • Town Of Salem (Free Browser Game)
  • Hearthstone (Free)
  • Rocket League
  • C&C Red Alert (Free Open Version)
  • PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds
  • Dawn of War – Soulstorm
  • Dawn of War 2
  • Company of Heroes
  • Vermintide


  • Awesomenauts (Free)
  • Apex Legends (Free)
  • CS:GO (Free)
  • Grounded
  • Overwatch
  • ARK Survival
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Orion: Prelude
  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Worms Armageddon
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Total War – Warhammer
  • Card Games
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
  • Magic The Gathering 

Ticket Prices

There are only 20 places available at SomerGaming.

  • £12 per person in advance 
  • £16 on the door.


Just the things you need to know to make the most of the experience:


  • Only one monitor per person
  • Only one device can be used at a time.
  • Headsets only.
  • Servers to be agreed with organizers prior to the event.
  • No Drugs allowed.
  • No Smoking/Vaping inside 
  • Bring your own Alcohol. No selling.


  • Computer/Laptop
  • One Monitor
  • One Keyboard
  • One Mouse and Mousemat
  • Surge Protected 4 -way
  • Headset
  • Power Cables for all equipment
  • Long Ethernet cable (upon request)

Games and Updates

Please check the games list and make sure they are up to date the night before the event starts!


Make sure you have enough food and drink to last the day because we’ll be running a long time. There are no facilities available for purchase on site, but there’s plenty of options in case: either order take-away or get pizza delivered via Domino’s!