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January 6-9, 2022 – National Harbor, Md

What Is It?

Magfest is a four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming all types and communities. The festival runs 24 hours per day with consoles available for gamers as well an arcade located within it’s walls or outside if you’re looking for some family friendly fun in nature! There will also be live performances from chip musicians that play covers based off your favorite games while providing their own unique soundscapes too – just try not get lost among them because this place fills up fast!! MagFEST 2017 had over 1500 attendees last year so expect even more people showing up this time around.

What’s On

2022 Guests

  • Whose Roll Is It Anyway
  • Jonah Scott
  • Super Art Fight
  • Death Battle
  • Video Game History Foundation
  • Yoga For Gamers
  • Mike Rosson
  • Neall Raemonn Price
  • Wes Johnson
  • Jon St. John
  • Fibre
  • Elisa Meléndez
  • Cutthroat Cosplay
  • Content Productions
  • Jesse Cox
  • Capt Crabs
  • Antipode
  • Anairis Quiñones
  • A.J. Beckles
  • Tasbot & Dwangoac
  • Discoholic
  • George Ledoux
  • Please Note That Guests Are Subject To Change Due To Covid-Relating Circumstances.

2022 Musical Guests

  • Bit Brigade
  • Gr3ys0n
  • +Let’s Disinfect!+
  • Shubzilla X Bill Beats
  • Inverse Phase
  • Dv-I
  • Tetracase
  • Vgr
  • Groovecube
  • Mega Ran
  • Master Sword
  • Audio Gremlins
  • Magnificent Danger
  • Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
  • The Megas
  • Damn Selene
  • Kadesh Flow
  • Paladin
  • Kirby’s Dream Band
  • Nullsleep
  • Dinaari
  • Cass Cuttlefish
  • Defense Mechanism
  • Star Fighter Dreams
  • Watch Out For Snakes
  • Super Guitar Bros
  • Gamebreax
  • Triforce Quartet
  • Negativland + Sue-C
  • Aeoxis

Indie Games

Looking for something new? Head to the many indie game showcases at Super Magfest. You can find all sorts of amazing video games, arcade style alt-control gameplay installations and board games/rpgs in this one place!

Indie Arcade

Magfest is home to DIY arcade cabinets, alt-control games of all sizes and delightfully weird interactive art. With tournaments? Rocking horse controllers?! Wiimote bathing simulator?? Yes please!

Indie Tabletop

Join other like-minded individuals for a night of exploration, strategy and fresh boardgame action! All you need is your imagination as you dive into the world’s latest offerings.

An evening with new friends and old games will be held every week so come on down !


  • Claire Kwong
  • Dr!P
  • Emdash
  • Pixelseed
  • Silent Antagonist
  • Sue-C
  • Please Note That Guests Are Subject To Change Due To Covid-Relating Circumstances.


Join them for a night of auctions, table flipping and other surprises! All proceeds from the event will go to benefit Child’s Play. This year they’re looking forward to helping out some great organizations like ones that help children get new toys so they can be happy too 🙂


Applications For 2022 Can Be Submitted At Https://Super2022.Reggie.Magfest.Org/Panels/


The Magfest Marketplace offers a one-of-a kind experience for gamers and collectors. You’ll find all sorts of rare video games, art pieces from popular artists in the industry as well as unique custom made items you can’t get anywhere else! The dealer tables are open 24 hours per day so there’s always something new going on at this festival that will surprise even experienced shoppers.


Aka The Music And Gaming Education Symposium


  • Arcade Freeplay
  • Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Consoles Freeplay
  • Official Tournaments
  • Attendee-Run Tournaments
  • Indie Video Games
  • List Of Indie Studios

Covid Policy For Super Magfest 2022

Magfest has always been a place for music and dance, but with Covid-19 approaching we’ve taken steps to make sure that our community remains safe. As part of the process for reservations you’ll need to confirm your agreement on these policies including vaccination & masking requirements so please take time out now before purchase or reservation date set!

They want everyone who goes here this year to know how important it is staying healthy during any pandemic by following some simple guidelines: 1) Always wash hands before eating 2) Drink plenty of water 3). Stay calm 4.) Get vaccinated 5 ). Use protection (wear masks if needed)!

They have developed these policies in accordance with government regulations, CDC guidance and currently available scientific data. Please note that as pandemic conditions change they may update their attendees’ safety measures accordingly to maximize it for the occasion; however all changes will be communicated promptly so you can make informed decisions about your attendance at an event or conference call.



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