Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention 


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What is Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention?

In a world where it seems like every other city has their own comic or gaming convention, Ricky and Simon were sick of waiting. They wanted to create something that would be both for gamers as well as those interested in comics & graphic novels – which is why Swansea Comic & Gaming Convention was born!

It all started with two guys from Wales who love this stuff (both personally and professionally) and they are proud because their little backyard party represents everything great about home-grown creativity: art meets technology; expenditure vs self expression…

The Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention is an annual event that takes place in Swansea, Wales. The convention is a celebration of all things gaming, with a focus on video gaming. The event includes gaming tournaments, cosplay competitions, Guest speakers, panels, and more. The convention is open to everyone aged 18 and over.

Programme summary / Overview

  • Live Art – Improvisational Drawing
  • The 2000AD Panel
  • Beyond Dredd
  • How to create a successful YouTube channel in Your Niche
  • Reading: Vampire Slayer
  • Voice of God – Angel of Death
  • A chat with Jasper Fforde
  • A chat with Marc Burrows
  • Creating Comics in Lockdown
  • Live Art – Live-Draw Event
  • How to win at self publishing
  • Making Retro Video Games Without Learning To Code
  • Board Games Demo Area
  • The Arcade Vaults
  • Taylor Makes
  • Cosplay Competition
  • Cosplay Prop Making Race
  • Local wargames enthusiast Chris Davies
  • RPG Sessions
    • Pathfinder SocietyRPG Session
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Hellboy The RPG
  • Photo Ops


The SCGC will take place on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April 2022 at the brand new Swansea Arena! The event is open from 10am to 6pm both days.

Tickets are going on sale soon so make sure you get yours early! If you have already bought your ticket for the show then come in before everyone else and save time.

  • Ticket for the specific day – £10 
  • Two-day ticket – £15 
  • Family Tickets (2 Adults, 2 under 15’s) 
    • Single days – £30
    • Two-days – £45

What’s on

Check the timetable of events here!

Live Art – Improvisational Drawing

Join them for some live, improvisational drawing. Audience participation will take place in this event so go creative! Sessions start at 15:00 Upper Auditorium. 

The 2000AD Panel

Go hear the most sought-after creators in the comics field talk about their work for 2000AD! This panel features John Wagner (A History of Violence), Dylan Teague(Red Sonja) and Patrick Goddard (The Judge Dredd Magazine). They’ll be answering your questions live during this session.

Beyond Dredd

John Wagner talks about his creative career, from the ’60s to today. This session will include a Q&A with him

How to create a successful YouTube channel in Your Niche

Get the best tips to succeed in content creation on Youtube and much more!

Reading: Vampire Slayer

Jonathan Keeble will be reading an excerpt from Vampire Slayer, by William King

Voice of God – Angel of Death

Jonathan Keeble is one of the most well known voice actors in gaming. He’s been doing it for over 20 years and he’ll share some stories from that time! You might even get him to answer your questions as well, so make sure you ask away during this short chat session about what makes an excellent voice actor.

A chat with Jasper Fforde

You’ll be able to get the inside scoop on what it’s like for a writer and his publisher, as well as have some fun with Jasper Fforde! He may even treat you reading one of his books from start-to finish.

A chat with Marc Burrows

Come hear a reading from Marc Burrows’ latest book, and get the lowdown on what’s going on in his world. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions of this talented author!

Creating Comics in Lockdown

Joe shares his experience of the lockout, including how it influenced and interrupted his creative process.

Live Art – Live Draw Event

Come see a live-draw event with some guest artists in the main Auditorium. Attendees will get to meet and talk while they enjoy watching them draw.

How to Win at Self-Publishing

With self-publishing, you have the power to control what gets published and when. But how do people who want their work read know where to find it? With all these new options for distribution channels available today—including eBooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Apple Books–it’s easier than ever! You don’t need a publisher because there are no gatekeepers anymore.

Howard David Ingham knows the ups and downs of self- publishing. He has achieved international success with his books, which have been nominated for awards or screened at film festivals around the world – all while going through a tough time in life himself! This gives him an edge when it comes to giving advice on how you can make your dreams come true too by being published digitally today; just be sure not let any obstacles get into gear before then because this man has seen everything there is…including victory after years upon years of frustration.

Making Retro Video Games Without Learning To Code

Simeon Smith, aka donotrunwithpixels is an RPG developer who has been creating games for over 20 years. He released “There’s Nothing To Do In This Town” in 2020 on the Nintendo Game Boy that became popular quickly and got featured by magazines, podcasts, streamers etc. 

But he didn’t code it himself- instead using some great tools to make this happen! Join him as Simeons shows what you need now if you want to create your own interactive stories with no limits.

Board Games Demo Area

Go learn how to play board games with them! They’ve been sponsored by Asmodee UK, who has provided a selection of their favorite games for their volunteers.

The Arcade Vaults

Retro gamers rejoice! The Cardiff venue is bringing back your favorite games from days past with an array of old-school consoles and machines.

Taylor Makes

What’s the difference between making a prop for cosplay versus one that will end up in film or TV?prop maker Noel Taylor has all of your answers. He can talk about how to make anything from simple household items into iconic movie gadgetry.

Cosplay Competition Page.

Two days, two different competitions!


Well, Marge Archive is here to help (well at least her inner Rachel says so). 

In the early 1990s she started entering cosplay competitions, but it took until recently for her strings of victories to start coming in; plenty of experience has been gained along this journey.

Cosplay Prop Making Race

The Cosplay Desk is the perfect place to get your hands on some cardboard cosplay props. Two teams battle it out in just ten minutes, so don’t wait!

Join Local War Games Enthusiast Chris Davies

The award-winning fantasy skirmish miniature tabletop wargame Frostgrave is coming to capsule game nights! Chris will be running 20 minute demonstrations of the rules throughout our day on demand for up to 4 players at once.

RPG Sessions

Pathfinder Society

The town of Salvoy needs your help! A foe, known as an ogre has kidnapped the Sage who knows how to restore peace and equilibrium in this realm. You must venture into their mountain home with only one goal in mind; saving him from certain doom at these evil creatures’ hands.

Every session lasts about 60 minutes.

Dungeons and Dragons

You enter the fair grounds and inside is a wonderland of attractions, with all sorts to keep your heart thumping. You can choose from various competitions or just take it easy at one stall while watching others compete live on stage!

Dungeons and Dragons – Grim Hollow Showcase

The dark and Gothic setting of Grim Hollow is perfect for any player looking to add a bit more horror into their game. With new races, subclasses, spells – not to mention monstrous transformations!- players will be able to face off against some original enemies from this supplement: The Monster Grimoire.

A great place where you can get your teeth into something that’s not just D&D but also scares the wits out people with its scary mechanics

Dungeons and Dragons – Hoard of the Dragon Queen

As you approach the burning hellscape in Greenfields, a looming shadow blots out all light and rain death on a small town. You as party must decide if will help or stay back to watch CMS crumble before your eyes 

“The Great Plates of Hot Earth,” by E Gary Spangler is an intense campaign setting that any GM could use for their games.”

Hellboy The RPG

The dark and dangerous world of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is now available for gamers. Become a member of BPRD (The Bureau For Paranormal Research And Defense) to investigate strange cases that threaten our very existence!

Photo Ops

Wales’ own Superheroes, Starwars Cosplay Groups, Dalek Decimus and Dalek Alan and MSD Props.