The Heart of Gaming


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What is The Heart of Gaming?

The Heart of gaming is a place where you can come to play all your favorite games from retro consoles such as the SNES, Megadrive and N64. They also have newer systems so no matter what type of gamer you are there will be something for everyone! You’ll find arcade cabinets filled with classics including Daytona USA & Simpsons ROBLOX game modes among others that are sure to not only take up hours but give them juddering fun too – at least until they finish winning…

The heart of gaming is in Croydon, South London. It’s placed on the high street with local shops and restaurants surrounding it – so you can enjoy your day out while playing all games without wasting any coins! With a one-day wristband, there are no limits to what this arcade has hidden up its sleeve.

Programme summary / Overview

  • Games
    • Shoot it!
    • Stomp it!
    • Race it!
    • Fight it!
    • Play it!


Adults – £15 all-day pass

Children under 15 –  £10 all-day pass

Groups and Events: Please contact them for pricing and availability

Opening times

Half Term Opening times: 

  • Thursday – 12pm-7pm 
  • Friday – 12pm-9pm 
  • Saturday – 12pm-10pm
  • Sunday – 12pm-8pm 

What’s on

They’ve got more than 60 machines in the same place plus more than 20 consoles and two pool tables. It’s all waiting for you.


  • Shoot it!

Every fan of shooters knows these games.Time Crisis 2, House Of The Dead 1-4 and more!

  • Stomp it!

Feel the beat of two crisp In the Grove setups, as well as MaiMai and Taiko no Tatsujin!

  • Race it!

Heading to the races? You won’t want to miss out on Europe’s only 8-player Daytona USA! Outrun 2, Sega Rally and all your favorite classics are here too.

  • Fight it!

They have something for everyone! Their huge range of fighting games will provide you with a challenge, whether it’s on the buttons or sticks.

  • Play it!

Neo Turf masters, Money Puzzle Exchange and fist of the north star are just some examples. There’s always something new to play!



Croydon is a stone’s throw away from both East and West stations, which means that you can get anywhere in no time. The Victoria Line has trains heading all over London–just remember to download ‘CityMapper’ before your journey for easy navigation through this bustling metropolis.

Covid Policy

Their staff are trained in first aid and prepare for any emergency that may happen. They have 10 hand sanitizing stations around the venue, as well as regular cleaning with disinfectant wipes which they encourage everyone to use when entering their space so it can stay clean throughout your visit! In addition there will be controllers monitoring entrance during closing hours making sure nobody enters without being fully vaccinated or after taking their temperature test (which both require smartphone entry). Finally names/phone numbers were taken upon arrival.