Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo

A celebration of retro gaming like no other

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What is the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo?

The Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo is a must-attend event for gaming enthusiasts across the city. This annual event is committed to celebrating gaming culture from past and present. Attractions include gaming tournaments, gaming demonstrations, gaming workshops, gaming exhibits, gaming vendors, and much more. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just curious about what gaming used to be like before the advent of high-tech gaming consoles, the Retro Gaming Expo has something for everyone. So if you are a fan of gaming or simply want to experience what gaming culture was like decades ago, make sure to mark the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo on your calendar!

Main Events & Attractions

Vendor Hall and Artist Alley: Main Floor

You’ll never run out of video games to play! The Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo has got a wide array of dealers selling new and old titles for every budget. From independent collections, local shops & flea markets – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at this event. And don’t forget about the artists who will be creating their own unique pieces based on whichever popular series’ or genres interest them most! Unique collectibles, crazy deals, weird oddities – Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo has it all!

Free-Play Gaming: Third Floor – Main Theatre & Fourth Floor

VRGE have a wide selection of video games from retro consoles to modern compilations. Whether you’re looking for single-player classics or multiplayer action, they’ve got it all! They also carry popular older titles that will suit any taste.

Music: Third Floor – Main Theatre

  • The Runaway Four – The four piece synth-rock outfit takes an eclectic, all inclusive approach to crafting tight and clever medleys that will appeal across demographics.
  • The Wavebirds – They are Vancouver’s premiere geek-ska band! Their catchy original songs will make you want to get up and dance, but they also have some fun with covers in between. No matter what your mood is – this show has something for everyone!
  • Chip Music Showcase – What is a chip music concert without the soothing sounds of classic video games? This one will be full of original tunes performed live on stage by local musicians exploiting various systems and tools in their musical arsenal. Be sure not to miss it! The Vancouver Chipmusic Society has been announced as presenting this event, so get your tickets now before they sell out fast- because if you don’t experience these awesome beats first hand then how do we know whether or not there really was something special about them after all!

Panels: Fourth Floor

  • Game Collecting: Q&A with John Hancock – John is one of the original organizers behind Portland’s Retro Gaming Expo and has been uploading videos on his YouTube channel about video games for years. He loves sharing all different types, eras, genres – you name it!
  • Improv Antiques Roadshow with The Fictionals – With the Fictionals on hand, you’ll never be at a loss for treasures to explore in your attic or garage again. They will tell all about any rare finds and hidden gems that are hiding out there waiting for someone else’s chances!
  • Vancity Video Game Music Trivial – It’s time to put your skills and knowledge of video game music on display. participants will face off in a variety or themed challenges but only one can be crowned the winner!
  • Fandom Trivia presents the Question Block Quiz! – Test your Video Game knowledge at Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo! Jeff and Daniel, hosts of the question block quiz will be hosting an interactive trivia panel to explore gaming’s history.
  • Y2K Nostalgia in Gaming – Why Revive Retro? –  The return of retro gaming is in full swing. nostalgia has been a major trend for years now, but with some new twists on these classic concepts comes an even greater sense that they’re actually relevant again – which might be why you can find so many players succumbing to this allure!
  • Lost Consoles: CD-ROM Edition – The video game market was once very different from what it is now. In the late 80s and early 90’s, when games were sold on discs instead of being digital downloads or physical media like DVDs are today, there were many more competitors in an already huge industry that enjoyed high levels of popularity with gamers around world – but not without some controversy along their way!

Tournaments: Fourth Floor

  • BOOM! Tetris for Vancouver – The classic NES block stacking game is back! This time, it’s on Type A mode. You can battle for dominance or just see how you stack up against other players in this one-of matches challenge that will be going until the top 8 contenders have fought hard to become champion.

Ticket Prices

  • Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 2022 Ticket – C$25 

Note – Tickets will be available at the door as well. No physical tickets will be issued prior to the event. Your ticket purchase will guarantee your spot at the event by name (so use your legal name). Photo ID will be required at the door for verification and a wristband will be issued. If you are buying multiple tickets under one name, that person will pick up the passes for all attendees in your group. Kids under 10 are free with adult ticket. Group rates are available for 20+ people, email us for more info.

Overview & Programme Summary

  • Vendor Hall and Artist Alley: Main Floor
  • Free-Play Gaming: Third Floor – Main Theatre & Fourth Floor
  • Musical Performances: Third Floor – Main Theatre
    • The Runaway Four
    • The Wavebirds 
    • Chip Music Showcase
  • Panels: Fourth Floor
    • Game Collecting. Q&A’s with John Hancock
    • Improv Antiques Roadshow with The Fictionals. 
    • Vancity Video Game Music Trivia. 
    • Fandom Trivia presents the Question Block Quiz! 
    • Y2K Nostalgia in Gaming – Why Revive Retro? 
    • Lost Consoles: CD-ROM Edition
  • Tournaments: Fourth Floor
    • BOOM! Tetris for Vancouver


Q Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol to Vancouver Retro Gaming Fair?

No outside alcohol is allowed at the event as per the rules and polices.

Q Am I allowed to bring my pet to Vancouver Retro Gaming Fair?

No pets are allowed at the event as per the rules and polices.

Q If I get covid will my ticket be refunded?

If you are sick, STAY HOME - a refund will be issued.