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Who Are Vitality Esports Team?

France’s first-ever esports club, Team Vitality is driven by international fans and athletes. Founded in Paris back 2013 with a focus on the global game of tomorrow they are proud to be home for VHive – their one acre complex dedicated solely towards playing video games competitively or just lounging around! Located right next door from La Place de la Republique where it all started so many years ago you can imagine what kind hearts were behind these doors when they opened wide again soon enough…

The Performance Center located within Stade de France will offer opportunities that show off both French creativity alongside some talented French players who deserve recognition outside their country.

  • +4M$ Cashprize
  • 100 + Titles
  • 15M Fans
  • 50+ Athletes & Ambassadors
  • 9 Teams
  • 8 Games
  • 15 Countries represented by coaches, athletes and managers

To inspire their fans, they must constantly strive to be at the highest level in this world. With 7 major titles and some of the greatest players on their teams; it’s no wonder why so many people are inspired by them.

They claim their mission is to develop tomorrow’s competitive scene by supporting and training young players.

Vitality are one of the most innovative brands in gaming and esports. They don’t just inspire people with their products, but also through creativity- which is why they make clothes for every occasion whether it’s practice sessions or big tournaments!

Vitality Teams

League of Legends European Championship (LEC)

Team Vitality is one of the most recent European League Of Legends teams to enter into competition, finding success of finishing in the top 5 each year from 2016-2019.


A French team has managed to climbed the ranks of world-class gamers and have climbed to reach the number 1 team on HLTV multiple times during 2021. This group was founded in 2018, but they’ve already made an impact with their victories against some impressive opponents such as eventual winners from IEM Winter 2021 & Epicenter 2019!

LFL (La Ligue Française de League of Legends)

The Vitality B team was born in 2018 with the goal of developing new talent. It has since climbed to top 3 teams within LFL, winning Lyon Esport and reaching its peak potential for success!

Rocket League

The Rocket League team has been on a winning streak since they were created in 2018. They reached the top very quickly with an European champion and also world championship win in 2019, which allowed them to take home other prestigious titles like Intel World Open later that year! The most recent achievement is their second-ever CE Wood Division 1 title within three months time – how amazing are these guys?


With their brand new 2022 team, Vitality plan on competing at the highest level and achieving success, already achieving a current rank of 41 in the world after only 10 matches with 7 wins and 3 losses. The future of Vitality in Valorant looks bright for them at this rate!

Call of Duty Mobile

Team Vitality entered Call Of Duty: Mobile towards the end of March, 2021. This is their second-ever mobile esports team.


With a rich history of successful partnerships and performances, the Fortnite team has welcomed some big names to their roster. From BadSniper in 2018 all the way up until now with Snayzy as their latest addition.


The team has been a major success story since it was founded in 2015. The iconic player, Rocky, won both the French Championships and World Bowls Championship that year! They also took home e-Ligue 1 with their most recent win on 2019.

Vitality Conclusion

Team Vitality are the French powerhouse of European Esports, and will continue to prove why France and their players are some of the best in the world. Vitality Esports will continue to grow, and their newly formed Valorant team is one to keep your eye on!